Beautiful…Really Beautiful

What’s beauty? Flowers only aren’t beautiful. Also, women not. Nor any opus, precious artwork only. Neither a thought, philosophy etc.

The never-happened-before mass demonstration is something more than just beautiful if it’s to be defined.

People are god, ultimate truth and are always beautiful. But when they unite for a sole and common purpose, there happens something grand — far much more than just beautiful.

The enormous mass movement ( I don’t call it Maoists’ movement only) is beautifully organised and also equally corralled. Sorry, not corralled, people themselves are restraint. It’s a matter of pride for a party that rose to the highest level of national politics and reached a pinnacle through a bloody insurgency, that it organised very beautifully and with great patient and restraint such a massive peaceful demonstration.

But, people are rightful owner of the credit. The ardent, revolutionary people make this possible. Their ardour for change, devotion to peace and justice itself speaks all.

They’re not parroted of Maoists principles nor were they forced (as has been said by the government and those who oppose the movement) to take part in the demonstration . It’s their self-motivation, aspiration and ardent for change that drive them to come out to the street and take a torch. Though, I’m not there and don’t know the real ground of the movement but I — as far and much as I know — think they themselves are aspired for a change. A real change. A metamorphosis, in hope of a betterment in their lives. Actually, Maoists is only facilitating their demonstration. The real leader of the demonstration is people themselves, not Prachanda nor any other Maoist leaders.

I’ve been a staunch royalist. And also, have never been a vocal critic of communists and communism. My family pay sympathetic support to communists. I remember the days, decades ago, when my father was an ardent supporter of then ‘Masaal‘ and ‘United People’s Front’ a strategic wing of Maoists led by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. He would participate in their protest programs, such as: rallies, mass meetings, torch rally etc. Because of his alignment with communists, he was transferred to different places during his job by then Nepali Congress government. Later, Maoists launched a rebellion, and being a governmental employee, he then quit his alignment and became neutral to any political ideas.

My mother has also been a supporter of communists. And, also is my bro.

About me, I still advocate constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy only way out of the crises. While advocating constitutional monarchy — in the raging age of republic — people might think me old school. But I know I’m not wrong in my belief and my belief is always relevant to me.


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