I Would Have Brought the Heaven Down to the Earth

Hundreds of thousands of people rally for Maoists on May 1st.

It’s the largest mass demonstration ever held in Nepal.

I would have brought the heaven down to the earth had I had such an enormous popular support.

It was amazing. Hundreds of thousands of people flocked the streets of Kathmandu in what’s termed as the biggest human gathering ever in history of Nepal with a show of unprecedented discipline and restraint. Maoists indeed could bring a metamorphosis, given their huge popularity among the masses. Thanks to their decade long rebellion against the state that raised awareness in people about political, social, cultural etc. rights. Even after the Maoists gave up their armed insurgency — and it’s been widely perceived that they are no longer committed to the revolution and has betrayed the people — people in rural areas and those downtrodden and segregated still see them as their only Messiah. It’s amazing that despite being all but unsuccessful during his 9-months long tenure as Prime Minister, Prachanda is still deified by the masses.

Maoists indeed are the last remaining force of the country and the fate of it’s virtually lain upon them. They must use this enormous support for the good of people and the country. Okay, strike is fine, but the intended outcomes must be achieved. We already are ”inured to the strikes” and this time too, if the ”purported” results are for sure to be achieved, then there would be no problem for us to endure some more days in strike.

But, could they assure us of it?

NO. I’ve always been wary of their hypocritical approaches esp. after they abandoned the rebellion and failed to deliver what people had been promised of when being in the government. I believe, they betrayed the revolution and has since turned into the reformist and revisionist.

But still, they have people and it’s the most important thing.

This massive demonstration has pitted the rural, downtrodden people against the ruling elites of Kathmandu. Let’s see who wins. Obviously, we want to see those elites wiped out forever.

It’s pretty much similar of yesterday’s demonstration to that of Thailand‘s Red-Shirters’ months-long protests against the government. We could draw a parallel between these two movements. Those Red-Shirters’ are also from rural areas fighting for deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Sinawatra against the echelons of the Bangkok elites.

PS: Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal, general secretary of Maoists is really an effective and persuasive orator and I always love his oratory. One question comes into my mind: Why the communists are often so skilled and persuasive in public speaking?


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