Fate? No Worries. Watch the World

As the peaceful mass movement has reached it’s successful 3rd day; discussions, speculations and worries are being discussed and surfaced about the fate of the movement. 

Antipathetic attitudes towards the movement speculate it’s eventual fall. They think the movement cannot be sustained for long, given — according to them — the adverse hot weather, health hazards, weary demonstrators, prospect of violence, possible public defiance and sturdy coalition of ruling parties and the government.

But, seeing the demonstrators and their passion for change, their agility and relentless campaign for the movement shows us a different picture.

If all those downtrodden, rural population or say ‘the Proletariat’, is the ultimate force to overthrow any repressive regime, then I see the prospect of success. Because no such mass participation from downtrodden and rural population had ever occurred before; not even in the April movement of 2062/63.

Yes, things could backfire. Things could take a U-turn. Maoists must be cautious while waging the protest. Peaceful demonstration till date has failed to put any pressure on the adamant government. This could bring a sort of frustrations among the demonstrators who, in the hope of a desired outcome, have taken part in the movement abandoning their essential works and risking their lives. Farmers — in the midst of hectic schedule of sowing of cereal crops, such as corn — have halted all that for the movement. So have others from different walks of life.

Why don’t Maoists then go violent, so it would put pressure on the government and help conclude the movement soon?

Peaceful demonstration can anytime turn violent. Some think, instances of scuffle help increase the stamina among the crowd. It heats up their blood, excites them. Every successful movement in the history in their final days have turned violent.

They’re not all wrong.

I don’t say anything. But if their peaceful demonstration repeatedly falls in deaf ears, no one can deny the prospect of violence. The April movement of 2062/63 had also turned chaotic in it’s final days which eventually culminated with a result. I don’t say Maoists can’t sustain the demonstration peacefully for long. But it’s an urgent need to keep alive the aspiration and ardour of people because people are already tired of series of never-ending movements since decades.

Every Maoist is a Nepali and every Nepali is Maoist. I’m saying this because they’re the ultimate force. I don’t acknowledge the presence of criminals Congress and UML anymore.

Learn From The World

Street movement is the ultimate means to topple a regime. Look at a recent uprising in Kyrgyzstan: President Kurmanbek Bakiyev fled the country after the protest in capital Bishkek forced him to step down. Bakiyev had came into power through 2005 ‘Orange Revolution‘. The protest was violent in it’s final days. Maoists could learn and get inspired from this too.

Another case is Thailand. Red Shirt protesters are blocking the streets of Bangkok for nearly two months. Though, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva  has refused to give in to them, those agile pro-Thaksin Sinawatra demonstrators are determined to make him resign. Those Red-Shirters are mostly brought to capital Bangkok from rural parts of Thailand. The case in Thailand and Nepal now is pretty much similar. Maoists could also learn from them to keep the movement going.

It’s often said that communists live with propaganda. But in Nepal, in present, the corrupt, criminal government is spreading ill propaganda against the movement. The abominable elites will see their own doom soon.

I think, changing the government should not be the only goal of this movement. Forming government again with those criminal Congressmen and UML-men will bring nothing good to Maoists themselves, people and the country. 9-months long tenure of Prachanda as prime minister has already proved this fact. They must turn it to a decisive movement — halt is not possible anymore — to eradicate all ills of the country. You can hint that I’m talking about capturing the state power. It’s not entirely impossible; if people are with you, you can subdue even the omnipotent god.


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