Change System, Not Only Government

Watching those people toiling hard in the demonstrations all the day on TV, I started to feel whether I’m doing wrong. I felt, I can’t just be a spectator of the great movement. I always can’t stay within home. I always can’t watch their aspiration for change on TV whole day lying on my fluffy couch. They’re toiling hard for change whereas I’m enjoying the comfort within my home.  This is not right. I’m doing something morally wrong. My conscience then woke me up and prodded me into taking part in the movement.

Yes, today, I took part in the movement.

Actually, a group of tens of thousands of people was passing, chanting slogans, through our area, and that I just couldn’t disregard the ocean of people and got assimilated into it. The mass demonstration then concluded at Mahendrapool, where several other groups from different parts had already converged for a tribute to deceased demonstrator Ganesh Subedi. Subedi was hit to death by a motorcyclist in Kathmandu. Maoists have given him the honour of martyr.

I’ve no inclination towards any political party (being royalist is something other). But I can’t ignore people. I can’t always be a mute spectator or supporter of their movement. Sometimes, you’re wanted for your active participation — not just moral and vocal — in certain circumstances. I felt it and went with my active participation.

Though all of them were unknown to me and I hate the sun, I enjoyed the demonstration. I had asked some of my friends to come with me, but none of them were eager to face the scorching sun. They instead love going boating with their girlfriends. They’re totally apolitical and I hate it. We can’t deny politics, because it affects every aspect of our life, let’s not mention the country’s. If they’re totally apolitical, then they have no moral ground to swear: ”politics is dirty game”.

The mass movement is going on quite enthusiastically in it’s 5th consecutive day, much to the shock and astonishment of the group of criminals ( I don’t call it government, it’s just a group of criminals and thugs) led by Madhav Nepal. Some instances of defiance are being reported, but that’s just a ploy of the the criminals to make things worse. People are not involved in such instances. Hooligans from sister youth organisations of NC and UML are carrying out these crimes. It’s true, people are somewhat disgruntled about the difficulties the strike brings them but they’re not yet ready nor in condition to defy and go against the movement and once fiercest (in a sense, the violence they meted out during People’s War) Maoists.

People can’t always stay within home. Sooner or later they need to come out. That means, they would pour into the streets in support of the movement to conclude it soon.

Even if thousands defy, there are already millions taking part in the
movement nationwide.

I see the prospect of the whole system change, not only the government. I suggest Maoists to use this enormous force to overthrow the system, not just this group of criminals. Turn it to a people’s revolt, not people’s movement. People has already moved far beyond the demand of resignation of MKN or even if they’ve not, they could easily be motivated for a revolt which will change the entire system. Don’t recall the movement — it’s not possible either — Instead, try ‘exploiting’ it to change the system. The real benefit for the proletariat is only possible with the overthrow of this system.

If Maoists are fighting for the Proletariat, then go for the people’s revolt/uprising. Or else, in this system, it’s plainly not possible. Reconciliation with the criminals NC and UML might bring some benefit for short, but for long term it turns out to be another betrayal. Capturing the state power with a victory of two-third in the election (as has said by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai) is only a sweet dream.

No compromise. Movements ended with compromises, such as of 2046 and 2062/63 have failed to deliver.

Don’t miss this very rare chance. Turn it to a revolt.


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