The Best Song Ever

What’s the definition of best? Well, it varies. Something and one best for a person could just be working for another. Time is crucial. In general, particular things at particular time become the best.

This song, फूलको दिलमा पनि आगो हुँदोरै’छ… , I listened in a particular state so it’s been immortalized in me and I consider it the best song I’ve ever listened. Before that state and time, it really didn’t appeal me. But after an incident, I call it ”Rauniyar Case”, it then went to be catchy and soothing as well. It helped me soothe when I was languishing in pain. Till date, I’m listening it and whenever I go worse and she’s not around, I find solace in it.

This — sung by Narendra Pyaasi, a renowned singer —  is the BEST SONG ever. Everything is best in the song. This is a perfect piece of his singing forte.


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