Why I’m Destined to Suffer

There’s no such pain that parallels the pain of losing one you love and die for. They could either be your parents, spouse or someone you love. But when you come to experience things you’re avoiding, as best you can, to even think and imagine; you no longer can withstand and you succumb to it.

Same happened to me this evening. It reminded me of the nightmare of ‘Rauniyar incident’, when I, for the very first, had cried copiously for her.

Pain, pain and pain: Till when you’re gonna live with? It’s entrenched deeply in you, so you simply can’t rid yourself of. You’ve to learn living with it and someday, let’s hope, you become inured to it.

Iron cuts iron. Pain heals pain. When there’s nothing to heal, you endure pain and it reinforces your endurance. You then become indifferent to any worse but…but at the cost of your sanity and sentience gone forever.


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