Crying Crocodile Tears

I’m not attacking their sentiment in any way. No disrespect to them, but
truth is ‘ugly’ and oftentimes hard to swallow.

They hardly
come out of Thankot. They rarely travel across Thankot in their

They, instead, fly abroad. Most of them never return.
And, even if they do, their ‘retired life’ hardly gets bothered to go
beyond Thankot, the main transit point to the capital, and see true
picture of Nepal.

And, from abroad, they swear at politics and
political leaders on Facebook and Twitter. While being in Nepal, they
proudly say they hate politics and stay apathetic about all social,
political etc. issues and affairs. From abroad, on such social
networking sites, they then wail and cry crocodile tears: ”नेपाल खत्तम
छ, राजनीतिले देश खत्तम पार्र्यो…” etc.

talking about the local population of Kathmandu.

For them,
Kathmandu is Nepal and Nepal itself is Kathmandu. Yes, they’re somewhat
right in their interpretation. Most of the riches are accumulated in
Kathmandu, thanks to the perpetual centralized state system. More than
two-third of total economic activity is carried out in Kathmandu.
Richest and affluent people dwell in it. People from all around the
country gather there. It’s often termed as ”mini Nepal”.

in there are privileged and thus enjoy things that are still far away
from the reach of the rest of the population. This may be a cause among
others that until some years ago, people from rural area were often disrespected as ‘hicks’.

Except for artistic contribution such
as in sculpture etc. and other cultural excellencies, I see no major
contribution, from their recent generation, to the country.


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