The Best Prachanda Speech

It’s well known to all that the general strike was called off mostly because of the foreign pressure, not at the will of Maoist leaders. I’ve been critical of top Maoists echelons and this incident has cemented my criticism further. The mass movement was gaining it’s momentum and before it reached it’s climax, it got suddenly halted.

Maoist leaders’ sombre faces during the press conference tells something yet untold.

I don’t think they abused the strength of the largest human gathering ever in Nepal, but also failed to ‘exploit’ it.

However, things have not gotten worse and undone yet. They have already thrust pressure upon the group of criminals (not government, I never call it so) with the demonstration and now with the withdrawal of the strike, they have now supports poured in from all around to ask resignation of MKN. As for the group, it never feels any moral obligation to ease the current deadlock. So, being the largest party, Maoists must spearhead the national politics responsibly. Being the largest party and having enormous popular support, they can’t ‘beg’ with any, they only can ‘give’. It’s only a matter of time. Sooner or later, they will prevail. No one and thing can stifle their chances.

But it’s worse, if the mass demonstration was organised on spec.

Prachanda, Maoists supremo, gave his probably the best speech (also equally emotional) in a mass meeting at Khulamanch on May 8th. He strongly criticized elites and also people from Kathmandu. He’s true in quite a lot of things. Let’s not talk about elites only. Even the ordinary people from there are never in support of any major historical change. When the entire nation was reeling under the worst of violence and unrest during People’s War, Kathmandu was relatively safe, calm and untouched. When people in small towns and villages used to shut their doors and windows, in fear and horror, even before the nightfall; people in Kathmandu were enjoying night life in bars and pubs. For them, Maoists were only a thing to be seen on TV, to be read on newspapers. And, they’re thus weird, horrific and also charismatic (to them).

In CA election, they voted in favour of Maoists only to give them the benefit of the doubt– and also a ”chance”, I think. I don’t think Maoists revolutionary slogans did appeal them.

But, they think despite their relative small population, they hold the key to any major change. They’re true to some extent too. Perpetual centralized state system has been reinforcing the so called ‘supremacy’ of Kathmandu. Yes, they played a major role in the "Jana-Aandolan” of 2046. But, their influence, it seemed, was withering away in later years and in Jana-Aandolan-2 of 2062/63, they almost lost it. If Maoists had not brought hundreds of thousands of people from rural areas into Kathmandu, the movement would have remained limited around Ratna Park with only a handful of people chanting slogans as their daily chore. People in small towns and villages have now proved to be decisive, thanks to the tremendous political awareness and endurance Maoists’ People’s War brought them. 

Ruling elites hear them even if they’re few, whereas hundreds of thousands of rural people’s voice falls in the deaf ears. This is a tragic reality in this feudal system. They disrespected those from rural areas without even shoes and trousers as ‘hicks’ during the now-deferred mass movement. They said they felt ‘imposed’ and ‘invaded’. This sucks. Prachanda mentioned it in his speech, with full of emotion and anger.

I — let’s keep my doubts and ideological differences aside —  for the first time, saw a true face of a communist in Prachanda who dared to speak against the city dweller in favour of rural, downtrodden people: staple base of Maoists.

The ”unsuccessful” mass demonstration by rural people might have reinforced the chauvinism of  residents of Kathmandu.

But, small towns and villages are sprawling with it’s people sharply aware of political things and they’re slowly outdoing the influence of Kathmandu. Not population, ideological excellence can alone subdue the large no of people (by small population).

Anyway, those downtrodden, sidelined and suppressed peasants, workers etc. will someday prove they — only they — are the ultimate force that decides the fate of the country.


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