Reviving the Glory

I loved a statement made by Mani Thapa — a communist leader who defected Maoists some years ago, I think around 2063 — as to Maoists in a television talk-show that Prachanda and Baburam can no longer lead the revolution, given their abandonment of People’s War and foray into the parliamentary system and that a new force should take the lead to further the process of revolution. He says, different leaders and parties spearheaded the communist movement in different periods in it’s history of 60 years, and Prachanda and Baburam  with their Maoists party also brought the movement to a new height through People’s War. And, now no more progress is possible from them and a new force should arise to assume the lead from where Maoists had left.

But, what could that ”new force” be? Mani Thapa’s ‘Revolutionary Left Wing’ is still in it’s infancy. Matrika Yadav is a true revolutionary, but he alone can’t get things done.

”UMLisation” of Maoists has left a big dent in the prospect of success of the communist revolution.

Yeah, top Maoists echelons have turned revisionists and reformists. However, despite all their ‘faults’ and shortcomings, we see no prospect of immediate rise of another leftist force that could overtake the Maoists and assume the lead.

Communism was pronounced ‘dead’ by it’s adversaries after the fall of Soviet Union in early 90s. Even the communists themselves seemed to be disappointed about the future of communism.

But, exceptions are always there to dent the whole.

Surprisingly, communist parties — though, they are in decline in other parts of the world — are popular in
Nepal. Existence of dozens of communist parties prove this fact. Far more than two-third
of Nepalis are communists, given the votes communist parties collected in
CA election.

A communist revolution is possible in Nepal, if all
these communist parties unite to forge a single one. But it’s only a
sweet dream because they all are driven so badly by their petty
interests that such unification seems almost impossible.

The recent mass movement was ‘historical’ in many ways, not only by it’s grandeur i.e. the largest gathering ever, nor a show of great discipline and restraint.

The unprecedented show of Hammer and sickle flags spells something that people truly desire.
Kathmandu and other major cities were drenched in red throughout the mass demonstrations, thanks to the beloved red flags of Hammer and sickle, emblem of communism. People didn’t even seem weary of holding the beloved flags aloft all the day in the scorching sun throughout those six days of protest. Why do they love Hammer and sickle so much? The unprecedented show of Hammer and sickle flags invoked the memories I still have left little in my mind that I collected from the stories of Chinese and Cuban revolutions in my preteen and early teen. I first read about the Chinese revolution in 7th grade, I think and it quickly fascinated me. Stories of red Hammer and sickle flags fluttering in every mountain, village, town; Red army marching carrying the flags etc. were enough to excite and influence my adolescent mind.

I know, my family’s long inclination to communist ideas has largely shaped my thoughts.

The unprecedented show of Hammer and sickle flags in the recent mass demonstration has, indeed, revived the glory of past communist revolutions (among Nepalis) and may also have inspired them for a true revolution that’s not yet done.


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