Why Cars are Abominable

My father had expressed his interest to invest in a passenger vehicle. He thinks it provides instant profit. I loved his idea and also said a truck is more profitable than passenger one but my bro didn’t. He’s not yet given up his idea and let’s see if he can go with it.

Karl Marx would have forbidden the use of cars? Petrol/diesel-driven road vehicles were not yet invented in his time.

It’s ironic that although cars are not forbidden in communist system, some of the absolute communist states have almost avoided using them, such as in Cuba and N Korea and until some years ago in China, too. Yeah, wide use and popularity of car in many capitalist countries has made it inadvertently a symbol of capitalism and also luxury and thus has become an apparent ‘abomination’ among hardcore communists. It’s costly value might also be a cause of it’s obsolesce among relatively frugal communists.

In a recent picketing of Singh-Durbar by Maoists on 9th May, immediately after the deferment of their general strike, a scuffle between the demonstrators and police personnel broke out near Maitighar Mandala and in a scene, I saw, some protesters were vandalizing cars and SUVs parked along the broad way. Though, such scenes were not new for us, ordinary people’s anger and hatred against cars and other expensive vehicles was yet again evident in that incident. They spared other vehicles and only targeted shiny cars and did damage as much and worse as they can.

In most cases of the vandalism in clashes and scuffles during protests, cars have often been a primary target. Generally, vandals are from poor economic background and customarily, such ‘expensive sights’ stoke up their hatred against the elites, plutocrats and thus they go on vandalizing spree. In Nepal, most of we Nepalis are generally poor and only affluent elites, aristocrats and the nouveau riche can afford automobile. This inequality drives people envious of those car owners and disgruntled paupers then spill their anger at cars.

I still recall that scene I watched on TV: They spared other vehicles and only vandalized cars and SUVs.

They’re (those vandals) not wrong. They represent a true picture of suppression, inequalities and other feudal treatments the ruling establishment has long inflicted upon them.

Economic inequality is one of the root causes of instability and violence. It could anytime incite violence. Why Maoists decades-long People’s War made it’s stronghold among the poor rural population? We all know.


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