Picture of the Day: Emaciated 50 Cent


                  (Picture from Wonderwall.msn.com)

Is this guy really, once brawny, 50 Cent? It’s amazing. I was sort of riveted as I saw the rapper in MSN Messenger Today. Title reads: 50 Cent downgrades to 10 Cent.

Wonderwall.msn.com writes, he downgraded his weight from 214 to 160 pounds for his upcoming film "Things Fall Apart”.

I never watched his ”Before I Self Destruct” though I’ve this movie downloaded in my old PC. Generally, I download movies and watch them on DVD (I hardly visit local video parlors because they only sell either Cam, TS, Screener or other nuked rips). It’s already been months and I was really thinking to see the movie but ‘time’ never came. Been just bumming around. Been a real dosser……I wonder, I would have never felt ‘bothered’ to watch ‘The Lovely Bones‘ were it not from Peter Jackson.

I even shared the movie with some of my friends and they said they didn’t like the movie. I still have more than a dozen recent movies such as: Alice, The Wolfman, and classics such as: The Silence of the Lambs, Saving Private Ryan etc. left unseen. Just a few days ago, I’d watched Fight Club, a 1999 trendsetter (Edward Norton is one of my faves), but couldn’t finish. I had to pack it in as my friends intruded the drawing room. Man, whenever I sit to see a movie, I get interrupted. I also didn’t finish watching ”Shutter Island” for the same cause. I don’t know whether I watch these too-meandering-and-difficult-to-understand flicks again, but I’m missing them and want to see them as early as possible. May be because I’m not a serious moviegoer, I found those movies too complex to get hold of. Do they demand repeated viewings (to apprehend wholly)?


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