Akon’s New Album?!

Well, I found it in TPB and Demonoid. Wait is finally over. Actually, it’s said that it’s actually not album but ”mixtape”. The album ‘Stadium’ has not yet released but is scheduled to hit the store this summer.

Akon, African-American R&B singer and producer of Senegalese descent, had last released his album Freedom in 2008. ‘Stadium’ will be a hit or not, it’s to be seen. Already released ‘Party Animal’ is not that good, though.

Akon is my fave.

The Game is also releasing his new album (I think it’s R.E.D., though not sure) in the first week of this June. L.A.X. was a great hit.

As mininova’s gone, I’ve started visiting Demonoid lately. But Demonoid is slower and not that ‘big’. TPB is now the only big left after the demise of mininova. Mininova was such a wonderful place and I always miss it.


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