Rooting for the ‘Hermit Kingdom’

They call it ‘impoverished’, ‘Hermit Kingdom’, ‘rogue state’ etc. etc. Dear leader Kim Jong Il is often held up to ridicule for his elfin bode and potbelly. North Korea, an absolute communist state, has been run down with such grubby terms by the Western media since Kim Il Sung founded the communist state in 5os. Let them keep casting aspersions on N. Korea while I focus on its participation in 19th World Cup in South Africa.

What if N. Korea and America come to square up to each other in this Cup? In 1998 Cup, in a rare instance, Iran was matched against America. And, when Iran blew America away, it was linked as a political victory and Iran had declared a national holiday to celebrate the triumph over its foe. For now, we could only speculate such face-to-face between N. Korea and America (or also France, UK or Germany) in the pitch in this World Cup.

North Korea is being treated unfairly in many fronts, not only political. And, this Cup could be a great moment for the communist state to show itself off, its talent as the communist country is largely isolated in international stages and forums dominated by the West. It’s bad that, instead of building up its scientific advancements, such as: nuclear technology, genetic research etc., the world — dominated by the West — sees the country as ‘rogue’, ‘imminent threat to the world’s security’ etc. etc. F**k the West.

I actually have no fave in this Cup but N. Korea. In previous tournaments, I was either for English team or France. I remember having watched the tournament first in 1994 America World Cup, where Romario and Roberto Baggio were the most famous figures.

I love Kim’s simple lifestyle and hard-working, content people in there.

Being from Asia and greatly influenced by communist ideas, I root for communist North in this Cup, though I generally don’t like south-east Asian countries and people there. Let’s see, if it can create history in South Africa this summer. For now, I only could wish and hope.

Long Live North Korea!!!

(Flag of North Korea. Picture taken from elsewhere on the Web)


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