Man, You Never Know

Man, I’m just so being burnt alive. This jealousy is killing me insidiously. Is there any way out of this hell?

Dear Diary, I’ve been spilling my feelings here in your warm pages and I know you’re being empathetic to me. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. I know, you’re the one that I [could] share my sorrows with.

It’s so true, you feel pain right in your heart. I know it. You know, previously, I would laugh off such things. But, then, the apocalypse proved me wrong. I’ve been through it for so long. Perhaps, it’s true, it’s actually different parts of our mind that oversee emotional activities. But, I feel this pain not in mind, but right in my chest. I can’t exactly put in words how one’s heart hurts. It’s inexplicable. You know, it may sound stupid but I wonder whether this pain could lead me to a serious heart-hazard in future…

Man, really, you don’t know how it hurts.


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