…Take me Higher

Give me freedom, Give me five
Give me reason, Take me higher…

K’NAAN sang this medley for South Africa World Cup 2010.

South Korea proved its potential to go higher at this Cup, this evening. Scrawny, pint-sized Koreans beat hunky Greeks out in a wonderful show of their footballing skill. South Korea has risen as a new football powerhouse since its excellent performance at 2002 Cup.

But it was tragic for troubled Greece. Economically troubled Greece must have felt a blow by this defeat. Greece is just recovering from it’s worst financial crisis at home as France, Germany — powerhouses of EU, and IMF have helped bail it out. People are already riled up by the ‘austerity measures’ and the country has since seen pandemonium reigned in. This defeat, though it’s not final, has nonetheless added an insult to it’s financial injury.

Poor Greece. But, no worries, there are still some chances left in South Africa to perform better to assuage the financial woes at home. Good luck Greeks!

I will keep taking sides of Asian countries, mainly N. Korea, till their last effort. If no Asian country pulls off the competition, I think I would then side with African countries. If Africans don’t also make it through, I think France would be my last fave.

She says, she roots for Germans. Really, do Germans have any potential? I think NOT (it’s a big NOT). Ha ha, she would get cross for sure!


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