F*** You Rajkarnikar

Hugo Chavez thinks there could form another ”European Union” in Latin American soil in a future not so distant. In BBC World News’ ‘HARDtalk‘, he expressed his hope and also confidence for a single Latin American forum, same as or even stronger than EU. I love one of his replies about the difficulties of forming such institution. Upon being asked whether it’s possible to initiate such union, given the wide political disagreements and divides among the countries, Chavez was quick to remind Stephen, the interviewer, of the past animosities between European countries before advancing for EU. Could he spearhead such initiation in his tenure? And, the socialist president was hopeful to be re-elected in 2012 for third term.

You know, we’d have been better off without Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar‘s shitty TV at least in this World Cup. Vertically stretched video of live World Cup broadcast has ruined my Cup viewing experience and excitement. It seems, the signal is actually transmitted in 16:9 aspect ratio and Avenues TV just changes it to 4:3 to fit the TV screen (by vertically stretching the video). It sucks. Viewers like me will end up sniffing at Avenues for this botched transmission.

Sadly, there are no other TVs that transmit World Cup live. Avenues is the only one in cable televisions. ESPN broadcasts the Cup live but it has disappeared since Avenues was granted a sole right for the transmission. Nepal Television is also transmitting the live broadcast of the Cup, but in terrestrial format. And, I don’t have an aerial that receives clean pictures from the terrestrial broadcast of NTV. NTV’s transmission is quite good, with no such distortion as of Avenues.

Man, I don’t know why the cable operator blocks NTV & NTV 2 when Avenues airs the live. Has Rajkarnikar (who also happens to be a first vice-president of FNCCI) bribed the cable operators to block NTV  in order to feed his crummy Avenues an outright monopoly? This sucks. Down with Rajkarnikar and Avenues.

NTV used to be the sole live broadcaster of World Cup. But, mushrooming of private TV channels has now snatched the monopoly of the oldest TV in Nepal.

This World Cup is really going bad this time, just because of bodged Avenues transmission.


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