Heinous Show of Infidelity

I was so shocked as I was told one of our close neighbours had long been having sexual relationship with a man, another neighbour. Mother of two, the woman, it’s said, was involved in a fleshly relationship with the man since her early days after the marriage, some 16/17 years ago. A tall and willowy figure, she used to be deemed as a good woman for her relentless enthusiasm for works, and hard-working, honest, direct manner. We’re having sort of cordial relation since my father had appointed her husband, an elfin, callow man, as his assistant in his office and that had helped them rise above their economic constraints. Given my father’s help and mentoring, they’re always in debt to my dad.

But, things were just veiled, we never knew. The woman proved to be a filthy old bag as her long-hidden sordid activities got unraveled just few days ago. They were spotted red handed by the man’s wife. Later, the man disclosed things at a local police station and they both held their hands up to their depraved acts, much to the shock of surrounding people.

The woman’s husband was really down, woeful of the betrayal and he even attempted a suicide. A beautiful family now seems ruined. What he might have felt when he found his beloved and trusted wife was just cheating on him for so long…

Could this ever happen? Man, I can’t even assume.

What those innocent children might have thought that their mother had been sleeping with someone else, not with their father? Man, this is not expected to happen even in worst nightmare and stupidest imagination. But, one thing is sure: Implications they’re gonna suffer because of this nightmare will have long-term adverse effects on them.

They are appearing for SLC next year.

Ashamed and disgraced woman is now nowhere to be seen. The man has fled and had previously acted as though he’s not guilty for their gaffe. Actually, in our patriarchal society, men are often exempted and only women are considered guilty for such dirty relationship. The man has his family of a beautiful wife and three daughters. His wife has often deemed as one of the beautiful women in her area.

Why they two ‘had to’ have such abhorrent relationship? Were they both sexually not satisfied with their spouses? I know, the woman’s husband is short and elfin sized, much smaller than his wife’s figure. But, I really don’t think he couldn’t bliss his wife out in bedroom.

Wrong-minded, immoral people are always supposed to remain so. Sex is wild and the desire of it bestial. It only drives people towards immoralities. Sex has enslaved men since the existence of humanity.

They’re abominations and deserve only contempt. My respect for those two has now changed into extreme hatred.

Man, I would have ‘rewarded’ them for their gross infidelity by cleaving their skulls  if they’re my spouse.


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