Shameful India and the Worst Cup 2010

To put it plain: There are no good eleven men in the ocean of more than one billion in India. Is it not a thing of shame? Not only in football, India is no good in other sports, too. Despite having such enormous size of population, India is far from even winning a single major tournament in international sports, let alone the participation at World Cup finals. India’s shame is quite evident in Olympic games. Where China, also an Asian country, has emerged as a sports superpower, India is still struggling for a single gold medal in the Olympics.

Cricket is an exception for India but Cricket itself lacks a worldwide appeal. It’s played only in England and handful of its former colonies. And, that’s also marred by widespread corruption and scandals. Cricket has been a good means of corruption for officials in India.

While Asian underdogs such as: N. Korea etc. make it to the World Cup finals, India, being touted as a rising world power, is still years (decades?) away from scraping through the qualifying rounds. As almost all world powers, such as: US, England, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy and even China make it to the World Cup, India is the only power nowhere to be seen among the assemblage. What other things could be more humiliating and ignominious than this for India?


This World Cup is actually being ‘Worst Cup’ for me, also because of the crap Avenues and Media Hub. Moreover, I’m just so devastated (after the apocalypse) and have no such fervour as in the last Cup and not in state to revel in. I was so gullible to believe people, I rue.

The last Cup was a real fun. It’s so memorable. We’d formed a clique to revel in the biggest event on the earth of Bishwo, Mohan, Sharu, Shanti, Ram etc. and myself and it’s so fun. I had lost a bet of a thousand I made upon England against Portugal to Bishwo. I miss that clique so much at this Cup and wish I were in mood to revel in.

My sister Mira is a huge fan of Italy and Spain at the World Cups. Italy is already eliminated and her hope now rests on Spain. As for me, well, I’m siding with Asians and Africans. Elimination of fave France was an ignominious incident.

My bro Dinesh is already rooting for English lineup.

You know, I see Uruguay as a possible contender for the final. It wouldn’t be surprising if Uruguay, the two time Cup holders, win, but for it, they need to play with the same enthusiasm and form they showed in their group matches. Chileans are also a good squad.


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