Alleged Cynical Loner

It’s been teeming down every night for more than a week. Rainy season has already made its presence in Pokhara, it seems, though other parts of the country are still under acute drought. Peasants have yet to plant rice in their fields.

In today’s dirty rat race, platonic feelings is being laughed off and is no more than ‘once upon a time-esque’ fantastic folklore. People live for moments, for fun. They hardly live for real cause. And, carnal feelings overpowers platonic one when it’s about fun, when it’s about living momentarily, when it’s about living hedonistic way. These days, body — not soul — inspires feelings. Ethos are degrading and man is getting more bestial every next day.

People are largely short of their morality and thus they have no qualms for their wrongdoings. They’re not sincere.

I was so gullible to believe people. After being in the torment I was forced to remain for so long time, now, I conclude, I only am good. All others are bad.

This is not cynicism. It’s a truth. An outright truth. Truth, I felt. The truth, that works for me.


…and finally I added ‘be sweet and simple‘ on the masthead of this blog. You know, I’m so addicted to this line once she used to use as her motto. To put it simple: I get delighted at it’s sight. It’s so beautiful. Magic of this quartet of four beautifully composed words is so grand and arresting (to me).

I also made a slight change to the title of this blog. The title has become thicker, less brighter (consistent with the drab page) and I thought ‘Backstreetboy’ looks classier than previous ‘backstreetBoy’.

To look ‘green’, I replaced previous light orange headers with green. And, also changed were the border lines. They’re entirely eliminated.

About the display picture, I know I’m with undone chops and while some of my friends loved it, the rests think I look ”over-aged” with that outgrown stubble.


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