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Adieu to the World

Time has come. Adieu to the World: I reserved this signature line to use for a final moment and it kept gracing the masthead of this blog and now that moment has come. I was coward. Couldn’t haul this ruined life any further. I was so devastated, my life so shattered. A life torn asunder by the tragedy.

I would think I could someday get things right but now I realize I just can’t. The last sliver of hope is now in shreds.

I’d no other way but to succumb to the pain that had been killing me alive. It’s better to die than live being killed.

Man and woman are very different beings. But, relationship is a bridge that connects these differences. It’s a compromise where they find their differences disappear or say reconcile. Life’s thus a compromise.

”i really know there isnt any other guy who ll love me more than u do.”

Under the veil of beauty, there always resides an ugly beast.

Adieu to the World


Live and Let Live

Tinpot Madhav Nepal‘s resignation came far too late and it brought no joy among people who previously had been waiting him to step down and facilitate a way to form a national consensus government. Witnessing unhealthy practices to form a government of majority as before, as parties failed to strike a consensus, it’s been graphic that parties themselves are obstacles, not puppet Madhav Nepal. He had only been made a scapegoat. And, Maoists have been knocked off their pedestal as they failed to deliver what they had been promising: A government of national consensus.


Rich individuals in Middle East are notorious for their excessive lavish lifestyle. Women are hired and kept as their private sex-slave and most of such women are trafficked — in the disguise of ”abroad job” — from poorer parts of the world: South Asia, mainly India, Bangladesh and Nepal and other south-east Asian countries. Some of them are also brought from Africa. But women are not only means of their enjoyment. There’s another dark side of the Middle East that’s been detrimental to one of the greatest campaigns lately in vogue: campaign for animal rights. Together with black women from Africa, wild animals and their precious body parts are also trafficked to the Middle East to add more enjoyment to the riches. The riches in Middle East are the largest consumer of illegally poached animals and their body parts in the world.

Almost all animal body parts poached in Nepal are trafficked to the opulent oil-fed rich individuals in Middle East.

We’ve been, for decades, a good ”exporter” of precious animal body parts to them and lately women are also added to the list as Nepalis women are allowed for abroad job in recent decades.

Such wild animals trafficked to them are kept caged in very miserable condition. A recent BBC report about the cruelty on those animals just shook me outright.

Discovery channel reports, large ape Gorillas will extinct within 15-20 years if attention is not paid to their conservation. Militants in wars-ridden Africa kill Gorillas and other wild animals for bushmeat.

I’m not wrong. People are bad. They’re not sincere. It seems, campaigns for animal rights have actually become a ‘fashion’, an easy way to drain dollars rather than sincere mission for sincere result. ‘Efforts’ exerted from all around the world for the campaigns have produced little result so far. Japan and Norway are still in whaling spree easily bypassing IWC. Poaching is only increasing in poorer parts. Conflicts in Africa are not only destroying the continent’s future, but rare wild animals are also being endangered at the same time.

I get amazed whenever I see herds of huge elephants and rhinos strolling the Savannah on Animal Planet, Discovery or Nat Geo. Oh! such huge animals are still dwelling the earth! They are still trudging our planet! I can’t believe it! Is it not amazing? Is it not astounding? 

I wonder, till when such amazing ginormous animals do keep trudging the Savannah. Not longer. Their extinction in wild is inevitable given the growing adversity. But they somehow remain a beautiful sight for tourists and couch-potatoes for next some years/decades.

The only creature that will still exist when all others extinct is certainly human, an abomination. There’s an adage: Bad is for long and good for a moment.

Live and Let Live.

Why I’m Rooting for Dutchmen

Germany’s win over Uruguay this early morning might have consoled her a bit, I guess.

A Dutch friend has been asking me to side with her team since the beginning of the World Cup.

They’re no underdog. Answer is simple: The Netherlands is one of our biggest donors so I’m rooting for it tomorrow morning. Stupid? Sorry, I’ve no other excuses to support it except this. Though, I hated them when they played Uruguay in semi, they’re whites and throw the term ‘Third World’ to us in humiliating way, I think, it’s still better to side with our big donor that has been helping improve our lives than go otherwise.

As to the Dutch, having had monarchic state could have also been an excuse — some might think that way, too — for me, as being a royalist, to throw my support behind them. But, Spain also is a kingdom.

I just hate cheater Spain. I don’t think Spain even donates us. At the top of these, there’s a major issue that makes Spain notorious and abominable in the world, an official brazen show of cruelty on animals i.e. so called Bull-Fightings. This barbaric and cruelest show on animals is state-sanctioned there.

After two failed attempts to make it to the title, Dutchmen this time are expected to prevail. Brush aside Paul, the so called psychic octopus’ prediction. Let’s not be happy with Mani, another ‘psychic’ creature, a parakeet, too. Good luck Dutchmen. Good luck to our big donor!

Feline Fondness

Sean Fletcher and David Eades of BBC are the only source of World Cup news on TV as sports channels are prohibited since the beginning of the Cup. Otherwise, Yahoo! Sports and a blog ‘Dirty Tackle‘ there have been feeding my craving for the Cup updates.

Crap Avenues TV ruined the excitement and thrill of the biggest event on the planet this time.

I love cats. On TV, I rather watch boisterous big cats cavorting and running after their prey on Animal Planet than flip through schlock channels. I just love them. They’re cute and so beautiful. I recall an incident: Some months ago, a cat resided our junkyard with it’s two cute kittens. Rambunctious kittens were so cute that they’re loved by my family. I would visit their run to have a glimpse of those beautiful critters, to hold them in hands and fondle. They’re so cuteeee… They really brought a sort of happiness to us.

But, one day, one of the two kittens was found in catatonic state. That small delicate critter was all unconscious and stiff but also was breathing with it’s mouth wide open. We’re shocked at the sight. We found no signs of any injury or wounds in it’s body. Dunno, what happened to it. Later, we guessed, one of the old wooden planks leaned against the wall of the junkyard might have crumpled upon it. We tried to resurrect it with all possible methods. It was winter evening time and there’s biting cold outside. So we brought it inside home to keep warm hoping it would resurrect.

I kept the unconscious kitten shrouded in rug. We thought it might have suffered a pass-out and would come to consciousness after some time.

But, it never came to life. Next morning, it was found all dead. We all felt pain. That beautiful small creature was all gone. 

We still had another one left to console that bitter incident…

Life goes on…


These photos are of a kitten found abandoned in it’s early infancy state some one month ago on a road that passes by Krishna‘s house. Overwhelmed with it’s misery, he then took it home and with the help from his sister, raised feeding milk. Then a very delicate infant has now grown into a rambunctious kitten and has become a very good playmate of Binit, Krishna’s young nephew. I often visit his home to glimpse that beautiful critter and caress it. This evening, I also took some pictures of it:



                       Don’t you think this critter is just so lovely and beautiful?


Favourite Germans lost to cheater Spaniards in early hours yesterday. Once admired Paul, the so called ‘psychic’ octopus, now draws ire from German fans. Is he really going to be barbecued by the bereft Germans? Anyway, his fate seems to be on the line.

Life for the poor mollusc.

But, here, I’m talking as to her. I just ponder what she might have felt as her beloved side lost the match. Am just thinking how she might have reacted after her side’s unexpected exit. You know, she’s been such an ardent fan of Germans and I was just taken aback the last time when she showed her fervor for Aryans just after their stellar clash against Argentinians. She’s so swooned with extreme euphoria at that time. Still can’t believe she’s been such a diehard German fan.

Am just thinking what she might be feeling… and hope she’s calmed down.

I actually had no fave after all the underdogs were eliminated. But, I was taking side of Germans because I hate cheater Spaniards.

None of the teams I supported has won at this World Cup. Mighty Germany also couldn’t be an exception. Although, they’re no underdog, they just couldn’t prevail. Cheater Spaniards proved too stronger to get blown out. They cheated against Chile, Paraguay etc. earlier before making their way to semi. Almost all goals they netted were offside ones.

This 19th FIFA World Cup is unusual in many aspects. From the heated debates over controversial Jabulani ball to the demands of ban on raucous horn Vuvuzela, trademark of this Cup, this World Cup held in Africa for the first time witnessed generally weaker and rookie teams perform well, such as: Slovenia, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay etc.  Marred by disputed referee decisions and errors, this is the first ever World Cup held outside Europe that an European country is  going to win. Turnout is also relatively lower than at those held in Europe or America.

Though I was rooting for Uruguayans against Dutchmen in semi, I think I go for Dutchmen in final as I want cheater Spaniards out of the Cup.


Happy Birthday Your Majesty


                     Many Many Happy Birthday Your Majesty!!!

                                   We’re delighted to celebrate Ashar 23 as our beloved king’s great birthday.

Texting is Always Jocular

I don’t think texting does have any real cause. Texting is often done in just-blow-it-off fashion and most of the time it’s just for stupid fun.
Actually, making a call is cheaper than texting these days, thanks to the highly competitive mobile phone network.

Ganesh sent me this wacky one and I couldn’t help chuckling:

”U r so bichitra
I can’t draw ur chitra
But I like ur charitra
Ur heart is so pabitra
U r my cute mitra
& u always stay my dilvitra…”

Another one (far older) from she:

”Dr. Ni’s prescription for u:
A cute lil smile for breakfast,
more laughs for lunch,
lots of happiness for dinner.
Doctor’s fee? An sms when u r free… :-)”