World Cup Drivels

Well, hope is no more. The last one is also gone. Sadly, no African and Asian countries could make it to semifinal. In a latest instance of a series of referees’ blunders at this World Cup, Ghana were robbed of their straight match-winning goal by Portugal ref in the final seconds of regular 90 minutes. They should have been awarded a straight goal as a header from Ghana was cleared off the goal line by an Uruguayan striker Suarez using his hands . But, the ref copped out and instead gave a penalty kick which was, much to the dejection of hopeful Africans and Asians as well, later missed by Ghanaian star playmaker A. Gyan.

Yet again, at this World Cup, another country is victimized by the grave oversight of the ‘multinational’ FIFA.

Brazil is invincible only when France is not around. From 1998 World Cup and onwards, France had been the only team to beat heavyweight Brazil at Cups. In 2002, Brazil bagged the Cup because France was not playing (France, without their legendary Zinedine Zidane, were eliminated from the very first round). It was again France in 2006, who stifled the chances of heavyweights-laden such as: Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Carlos etc. Brazil. As Zidane had retired immediately after the 2006 Cup, France were no longer in form and Brazil were being seen as invincible again. But, Frenchmen should be happy even if they can’t stop Brazil themselves, because a new power, apparently their ‘successor’, has risen to crush the mighty Brazil. Yes, players from a nether world (because of being lower the sea-level, they’ve renamed their country ‘the Netherlands’) have knocked out the perpetual superpower of football yesterday. And, I perceive them as a successor of France who really could crush Brazil.

France’s wonderful performance in 1998 and 2006 World Cup may have become a history, but they have their successor in their home-continent and yes, they’re Dutch. Congrats Dutch for routing Brazil!

Dunga was criticised for not including Ronaldinho, a free-kick specialist with high skill of dribbling, in the World Cup squad. He might have been regreting for his exclusion. At this Cup, Brazilians were more defensive as opposed to their signature offensive tactic.

I think, Italians’ all blue and Spainards’ deep dark orange and blue rig-outs were the most beguiling attires at this World Cup.

Given a good performance from European sides at this Cup, it seems, Europe is gonna outdo South America on the football pitch in future.

CR of Portugal was too lazy to run for ball throughout four matches. After all, money matters. He just didn’t want to get injured because if he gets so, it hampers his performance in his clubs which are his perennial ’employers’ . His club, currently RM F.C., which pays him hefty sum thus making him the highest paid football star, is far more important for him than his country’s national team. This applies to all other star players and it reveals an answer about why all those much- talked star players couldn’t shine in South Africa.

You know, she also was rooting for Korea. Both Korea lost, but sidelined N. Korea made a momentous appearance at what has been termed as the largest event on the planet, and they could revel in it for years to come given their amazing performance against heavyweight Brazil eventhough they later faced an humiliating defeat from Portugal.


Yesterday, I told her off for failing to make improvements (in study) and now I feel whether I was being extreme…


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