Down With the Imperialists!

Paraguay should have won. I felt really bad at their narrow defeat. And, despised Spain, once (and still, to some extent) an imperialist.

It’s turned out sort of a letdown for me as none of the teams I supported won except Korea which routed Greece with 2-0 in league (and also Japan against Denmark with 3-1). But, was really expecting Paraguay to blow Spain out and was high with expectation…

 I am rooting of underdogs.

Yet again, after the exit of Brazil and Argentina, the most expected contenders for the Cup title, imperialist Europeans have prevailed in South Africa. The imperialist West is despicable. They colonized Africa, Latin America, Asia etc. and pillaged the riches in there and funneled back to home to feed their colonial economy. Foundation of their so called prosperity and development is entirely based on the pillages, loots and exploitations they inflicted upon colonized states. Were it not gold, ivory, diamond, oil from Africa, valuable metals from Latin America and fertile plains and cheap labour from populated India, imperialists European could never have progressed that far.

Those imperialist whites call themselves the most civilized and throw a name ‘Third World‘ to us.

Spain were a colonist and Paraguay colonized one. Sadly, cruel colonist won. Fight for complete liberation from those imperial West is not yet over. They should be routed in every front possible, even on the football pitch.

I rooted for underdogs. Uruguay is now the only country left to fight against imperialists in South Africa. Let’s see if it could make it to the coveted title.

France had more black players, allegedly, as it’s been said, brought from former French colonies in Africa. Legendary Zinedine Zidane himself is Algerian-borne.


…and her ardour for Germans, oh! it’s unbelievable.


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