Texting is Always Jocular

I don’t think texting does have any real cause. Texting is often done in just-blow-it-off fashion and most of the time it’s just for stupid fun.
Actually, making a call is cheaper than texting these days, thanks to the highly competitive mobile phone network.

Ganesh sent me this wacky one and I couldn’t help chuckling:

”U r so bichitra
I can’t draw ur chitra
But I like ur charitra
Ur heart is so pabitra
U r my cute mitra
& u always stay my dilvitra…”

Another one (far older) from she:

”Dr. Ni’s prescription for u:
A cute lil smile for breakfast,
more laughs for lunch,
lots of happiness for dinner.
Doctor’s fee? An sms when u r free… :-)”



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