Favourite Germans lost to cheater Spaniards in early hours yesterday. Once admired Paul, the so called ‘psychic’ octopus, now draws ire from German fans. Is he really going to be barbecued by the bereft Germans? Anyway, his fate seems to be on the line.

Life for the poor mollusc.

But, here, I’m talking as to her. I just ponder what she might have felt as her beloved side lost the match. Am just thinking how she might have reacted after her side’s unexpected exit. You know, she’s been such an ardent fan of Germans and I was just taken aback the last time when she showed her fervor for Aryans just after their stellar clash against Argentinians. She’s so swooned with extreme euphoria at that time. Still can’t believe she’s been such a diehard German fan.

Am just thinking what she might be feeling… and hope she’s calmed down.

I actually had no fave after all the underdogs were eliminated. But, I was taking side of Germans because I hate cheater Spaniards.

None of the teams I supported has won at this World Cup. Mighty Germany also couldn’t be an exception. Although, they’re no underdog, they just couldn’t prevail. Cheater Spaniards proved too stronger to get blown out. They cheated against Chile, Paraguay etc. earlier before making their way to semi. Almost all goals they netted were offside ones.

This 19th FIFA World Cup is unusual in many aspects. From the heated debates over controversial Jabulani ball to the demands of ban on raucous horn Vuvuzela, trademark of this Cup, this World Cup held in Africa for the first time witnessed generally weaker and rookie teams perform well, such as: Slovenia, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay etc.  Marred by disputed referee decisions and errors, this is the first ever World Cup held outside Europe that an European country is  going to win. Turnout is also relatively lower than at those held in Europe or America.

Though I was rooting for Uruguayans against Dutchmen in semi, I think I go for Dutchmen in final as I want cheater Spaniards out of the Cup.



One response to “Pondering…

  1. I also was for germany… don\’t know what happened to them that day……….

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