Feline Fondness

Sean Fletcher and David Eades of BBC are the only source of World Cup news on TV as sports channels are prohibited since the beginning of the Cup. Otherwise, Yahoo! Sports and a blog ‘Dirty Tackle‘ there have been feeding my craving for the Cup updates.

Crap Avenues TV ruined the excitement and thrill of the biggest event on the planet this time.

I love cats. On TV, I rather watch boisterous big cats cavorting and running after their prey on Animal Planet than flip through schlock channels. I just love them. They’re cute and so beautiful. I recall an incident: Some months ago, a cat resided our junkyard with it’s two cute kittens. Rambunctious kittens were so cute that they’re loved by my family. I would visit their run to have a glimpse of those beautiful critters, to hold them in hands and fondle. They’re so cuteeee… They really brought a sort of happiness to us.

But, one day, one of the two kittens was found in catatonic state. That small delicate critter was all unconscious and stiff but also was breathing with it’s mouth wide open. We’re shocked at the sight. We found no signs of any injury or wounds in it’s body. Dunno, what happened to it. Later, we guessed, one of the old wooden planks leaned against the wall of the junkyard might have crumpled upon it. We tried to resurrect it with all possible methods. It was winter evening time and there’s biting cold outside. So we brought it inside home to keep warm hoping it would resurrect.

I kept the unconscious kitten shrouded in rug. We thought it might have suffered a pass-out and would come to consciousness after some time.

But, it never came to life. Next morning, it was found all dead. We all felt pain. That beautiful small creature was all gone. 

We still had another one left to console that bitter incident…

Life goes on…


These photos are of a kitten found abandoned in it’s early infancy state some one month ago on a road that passes by Krishna‘s house. Overwhelmed with it’s misery, he then took it home and with the help from his sister, raised feeding milk. Then a very delicate infant has now grown into a rambunctious kitten and has become a very good playmate of Binit, Krishna’s young nephew. I often visit his home to glimpse that beautiful critter and caress it. This evening, I also took some pictures of it:



                       Don’t you think this critter is just so lovely and beautiful?


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