Why I’m Rooting for Dutchmen

Germany’s win over Uruguay this early morning might have consoled her a bit, I guess.

A Dutch friend has been asking me to side with her team since the beginning of the World Cup.

They’re no underdog. Answer is simple: The Netherlands is one of our biggest donors so I’m rooting for it tomorrow morning. Stupid? Sorry, I’ve no other excuses to support it except this. Though, I hated them when they played Uruguay in semi, they’re whites and throw the term ‘Third World’ to us in humiliating way, I think, it’s still better to side with our big donor that has been helping improve our lives than go otherwise.

As to the Dutch, having had monarchic state could have also been an excuse — some might think that way, too — for me, as being a royalist, to throw my support behind them. But, Spain also is a kingdom.

I just hate cheater Spain. I don’t think Spain even donates us. At the top of these, there’s a major issue that makes Spain notorious and abominable in the world, an official brazen show of cruelty on animals i.e. so called Bull-Fightings. This barbaric and cruelest show on animals is state-sanctioned there.

After two failed attempts to make it to the title, Dutchmen this time are expected to prevail. Brush aside Paul, the so called psychic octopus’ prediction. Let’s not be happy with Mani, another ‘psychic’ creature, a parakeet, too. Good luck Dutchmen. Good luck to our big donor!


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