Adieu to the World

Time has come. Adieu to the World: I reserved this signature line to use for a final moment and it kept gracing the masthead of this blog and now that moment has come. I was coward. Couldn’t haul this ruined life any further. I was so devastated, my life so shattered. A life torn asunder by the tragedy.

I would think I could someday get things right but now I realize I just can’t. The last sliver of hope is now in shreds.

I’d no other way but to succumb to the pain that had been killing me alive. It’s better to die than live being killed.

Man and woman are very different beings. But, relationship is a bridge that connects these differences. It’s a compromise where they find their differences disappear or say reconcile. Life’s thus a compromise.

”i really know there isnt any other guy who ll love me more than u do.”

Under the veil of beauty, there always resides an ugly beast.

Adieu to the World


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