I’m not Expecting a Miracle

I bid farewell. And, it’s been already a month, I know.

Someone was asking me as they stumbled across this blog some days ago that when is the ‘day’, with their usual levity.

I wrote the last entry in utter despair and had thought I would be no more. I know, time is always ready and good for us to do our stuffs.

But, even in the last seconds of their death, man don’t give up the hope of living. Hope, man’s raison d’être. It’s not that I want to just ‘live’. I know, I seesawed between hope and immense despair all through those weeks. I was like going mad. Giving up things that you’ve been sticking to for so long is just not easy like, say, shedding the tears. You’re not alone to die here, people around you also equally suffer because of you. But, it’s your thing. You’re always righteous to do whatever you want with your life.

I need things I want and that’s the foremost condition to live. It could be wealth, fortune or a person I love or something else.

‘Divine intervention’ from her has helped assuage the despair a little, I must say.


Saw The Back-Up Plan today. Still have loads of movies such as: ”Titans”, ”Hot Tub” etc. unwatched. Actually, lately, I’m lacking fervour for the movies. Jennie Lopez has done a stellar performance in The Back-Up Plan. She’s such an amazing actress. Though, I hate rom-com genre, her amazing performance in the film just made me drink the whole one and half hours drama in. But, the film is way too girlish.

The latest version of Strawberry Letter by Akon (Stadium album) with Quincy Jones is probably the best R&B single of this year. That song is so good. And, loved Kid Cudi in David Guetta’s Memories. He has arresting style and class.


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