I’m Learning Chinese. Are You, Too?

Enough of America. Enough of it’s hegemony.

alone America’s unchallenged global political, economical and military
hegemony, we’ve been living our every aspect of life under American
influence. We wear jeans. We love listening music to iPod. Hey, how could you be classy without iPhone
in your pocket?  New York remains a dream city for people around the
globe. The world admires Americans for building a first atomic bomb and
allegedly sending two men to the moon. We can’t imagine the cinematic
world without Hollywood. What about music, how it would have been
without Madonna, Akon, 2pac, Kurt Cobain, Britney Spears, Green Day, Bob
Dylon, Michael Jackson or Rihanna? English language has been

Starbucks, Levy’s, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, NBA, Miami Heat etc. are some of the global brands from America.

only political, economical and military, the world has seen
irresistible cultural dominance from America since it’s rise to
superpower after World War II.

But, we’re soon going to relieve America of it’s reign. No more America. This morning, BBC
reported that Chinese economy has finally overtaken that of Japan. Now,
China stands as the 2nd largest economy in the world, just slightly
behind America.

I visit American sites and I often find
Americans conceding their future fall at the hands of rising China. Most
of them admit that China cannot be kept from overtaking American within
a decade or two and for this, they often blame their presidents and
their myopic decisions. They think wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot
be justified. I love their view that America should stop ‘policing’ the
world, and focus on it’s own troubling internal affairs.

fastest railway is recently opened in China (previously it’s in Japan).
China is sending man to the moon within 2025 (America never made it to
the moon). China has more internet users than anywhere. China has the
most advanced warships to date. Etc. etc…

When the West and
other parts of the world were grappled with the worst recession in
decades, China was enjoying it’s nearly two-digit growth.

These are just a few signs of rising China.

language remained the dominant language in the world thanks to the then
British empire and the rise of America after World War II. As China is
rising, Chinese mandarin will replace English someday, won’t it?. New,
sleek and gleaming skyscrapers in Beijing and Shanghai will supersede
the old and aging ones in New York and London. Communist China will be
more liberal.

Unchallenged reign of Dollars, English language
and all other American things will be over once America becomes a
has-been. And, it’s inevitable.

Better be prepared to embrace China and Chinese things from right now on…I’m learning Chinese mandarin. Are you, too?


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