Slaking the Raging Thirst

After weeks of hullabaloo, Wyclef Jean is denied his candidacy for the presidential election in impoverished, earthquake-wrought Haiti. It’s not new for famed artists to foray into politics. But, the problem is, most of them are really not serious about politics and political things at all. Politics must not be taken as ‘hobby’ or a mere means of collecting publicity. It’s for a serious, real cause. And, I don’t think Jean was for any such cause.  

Presidential post in Haiti is lucrative these days as billions of aids are being poured in for earthquake victims. Jean was only trying to ‘exploit’ the opportunity using his musical fame. Or else, in other times, he even hates himself calling a Haitian. He’s an opportunist.

I’m not much of his fan. I think I’ve listened him only in few songs, such as: Sweetest Girl, Sunny Day and of course, Hips Don’t Lie etc. But, he’s good in his music.

Finally, ‘hip-hopper’ is going to be an authentic English word. Oxford University is going to include more than 2,000 new words in latest edition of it’s popular Oxford English Dictionary, I read elsewhere on the Web. I’ve used the word ‘hip-hopper’ for several times in this blog and I had no idea that the word was going to make it’s entry into the world’s most used English dictionary. It’s amazing. The only other place I saw the word used, however, is ‘Hip-Hop Media Training‘ blog by Billy Johnson Jr.

Worst of the flu now seems to be withering. I’m feeling better now. She’s suggesting the use of ginger and honey to fight off the ordeal. Some friends called me and asked about my health as they found me bed-ridden in my blog. Not all, but some friends regularly read me.
You know, it’s so hard to quench the thirst with hot water. Actually, it only rages the thirst.
It had already been days and the thirst was only increasing. This morning — though, I’m not yet completely over the flu — drank enough of cold water, finally slaking the long raging thirst…


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