India, Intervene Us!

Political crisis is only deepening thanks to all these incompetent political villains. A way out of this turmoil seems far distant given the ongoing political happenings.

Parliament has been unable to even elect a prime minister of simple majority for fifth consecutive poll, let alone the way hyped government of ‘national consensus’. That just seems unachievable.

But, things doesn’t remain worse. It just can’t. It must either die out or survive. Here, things have to survive, at any cost. For all our sake. And, there are only two options that I think can bring us a respite from this chaos.

First is, Let Maoists form a government on their own as they’re the biggest party. They are righteous for this de jure job, too, from the view of parliamentary system and it’s principles. We’ll see whether they can get a vote of confidence from the parliament within specific time. But, amendment in constitution is necessary for this. Is this process already being mulled over or in the offing? I know not.

Second one is, a direct intervention from India, i.e. a puppet government from Indian intervention.

Don’t panic. We’re in crisis and it’s long been proved that in absence of monarchy, we simply can’t rein in our own things. It’s a thing of gross shame. A great shame. Yet again, India comes forth. It has always helped us get out of the worst of the crises. History is there as a witness. Shed your so called nationalist fervour and be ready to accept Indian intervention.

Yes, India must intervene us to help end this crisis. I think, there’s no other way out of this riddle but an active intervention from India. A puppet government from Indian intervention is a only solution for now. This will help settle the unrest, at least for some time. After then, let’s hope, our leaders will realize we’re to settle our things on our own.

So called President Ram Varan Yadav or KP Oli from UML could be the most expected candidates for the job. India will establish a puppet government either in Yadav’s leadership or Oli’s. Oli’s leadership seems a little more plausible than direct presidential rule of Yadav. Nepalese Army and all other powerful national or foreign institutions will stand by such government. Such government, in it’s de facto form, will then try restoring orders and pave a way for formation of national consensus government or will work for a fresh election.

Let’s appeal India publicly to intervene. Appeal from the general public would surely generate more positive result than the conspiracy made in the dark suites of five-star hotels or embassies.

I see no other options beside these to help end this deepening crisis.


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