When I Met Barack Obama

Some Americans suggest Barack Hussein Obama won Democratic Party’s candidacy for presidential election and subsequent victory in the election in 2008 not because he was black, but because Hillary Clinton, his competitor, was a female.

Obama’s election may have been an unprecedented event in American history, but I do think, Americans could have written a greater history by electing a first female president (as Democrats were to win) than electing a black man.

Dreams are enigmatic and also eccentric. Dream makes it possible to get our most impossible things in life done in those mere hours in bed. Let’s think, how much stupidity it could be of me to think a live meeting with Barack Obama? Man, that’s crazy. I know.

Where dreams have long been sort of scourge to me, they are nonetheless good on occasion, too.

Meeting with the most powerful man on the earth is something like an unachievable feat. But, who could ruin my chances to get him meet and share some light moments with me? No one. I’m a king of my fantastic world.

Not only the 44th President of America, I’ve a long tally of other world-famous personalities that I’ve come across with in dreams. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Dr. Dre, George W. Bush,  King Birendra, J.K. Rowling etc. are some. A coffee-talk with King Birendra sitting face to face in a couch and an encounter with Bush in a ranch near a brook have been unforgettable.


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