Going Back to ’80s

I born in early ’80s and the only thing I graphically remember about movie thing is I had gone with my bro and a senior neighbour to cinema for a Hindi movie. Cinemas were arguably the only means of cinematic enjoyment at that time as TVs were rare and had not yet become a household essential. I’ve already written about my ecstasy when my father first brought a ‘wonder’ i.e. a 1970’s National radio-cassette recorder. It was in late ’80s.

Hollywood saw burly and brawny men rule the silver screen most notably in ’80s. ”Rocky”, ”Rambo”, ”Terminator” ”McClane” ”Drago” etc. were some highly admired terms from that era. But, I was only a kid, way too innocent, to understand all those.

I saw those characters in their prime only long after, in late 90s. I, then, experienced somewhat of that era.

But, watching ‘The Expendables‘ (R5 Rip) was more an experience than just reminiscent of that action era. All those big action heroes of  ’80s playing in a single movie, it was actually a rare work in movie history and we’re LUCKY to get all of them into a whole (yes, The Expendables).

Action scenes were rather bland and easy but original. Less use of CGI, but its use in aerial attack by Sly and Jason Statham against the troops of fictional island Vilena looks cheap.

I, however, was a little disappointed as I actually had expected more intense battles and action scenes from the legions of action icons Stallon, Statham, Lundgren and others. Perhaps, because I’m so much used to big budgeted Michael Bay films and not yet done with ‘marvellous’ CGI things.

The Expendables, however, is good at least in giving authentic action cinematic experience, with less or almost no CGI. It actually take you back to ’80s. It was the only summer movie of 2010 I was as excited to see as I was for Transformers 2: ROTF last year.


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