What I’m Reading Lately?

लक्ष्मी निबन्ध सँग्रह, a collection of proses or say essays from Great Poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota
You know, I’m reading it keeping ‘बृहत् नेपाली शब्दकोष’ at my side as
many words and phrases are so complicated and difficult to understand
that one can hardly go to the next line without the help of dictionary.
After reading some from the collection, I feel contemporary Nepali
writers are like tiny lamps in front of his sun-like brilliance. Yes,
old writers had a good knowledge of Sanskrit language — which is a
foundation of Nepali language — so they could write with such
complexity and perfection. But, today’s writers lack Sanskrit knowledge
so their works also are mediocre.

I’ve a collection of some great works from the Great Poet Devkota such as: epic poetry Shakuntal, Sulochana, and lyrical poetry Kunjini, Muna-Madan etc. I’ve not read even a single leaf of Shakuntal (as I just can’t understand it and its Sanskrit terms), have read little of Sulochana and have never completed Muna-Madan, the magnum opus of the Great Poet.

I bet no one (except those who
major in Nepali literature) can well understand ‘लक्ष्मी निबन्ध सँग्रह’
without dictionary at their side. It’s a opus of the Great Poet one should
read at least once. It includes all styles and forms of essays, mostly
exemplification ones, I think.


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