Money Earns Money

Italian Prime Minister septuagenarian billionaire Silvio Berlusconi thinks he has a lot of young women who love him. And, that’s not because he’s a young, hunky Adonis but because he’s ‘loaded’ despite his old age.

Italy’s one of the richest men was not only prating around. His statements certainly make senses and he’s not wrong.

Money earns money. A person who already has had 100 Rs. can earn another 100. I mean, chances are maximum for him to add more to his fortune. His 100 Rs. can attract another 100 somehow.

Laxman Babu Shrestha, a top contractor, builder and engineer could be taken as an example. He already had Chitwan Construction and Engineering, a large firm. Later, he added Mankamana Darshan Pvt. Ltd.that operates Nepal’s first cable car in Manakamana Temple. He then installed Nepal’s largest plant to produce powder milk in Chitwan. His progress doesn’t stop here. His money keeps earning more money. Yet again, he finds his new fortune in Mankamana Bikash Bank, a recently established bank.

Money after money; he earned millions with thousands, billions with millions and so on…

But what about those who’re cash-strapped, paupers? They can’t earn 2 Rs. with their 1 Re. And, earning 100 Rs. is something like a dream of far distant for them. You know what I’m alluding to?

It’s simple: You need money to invest and without investment you can’t earn. And, investment needs substantial amount of money.

He was selling Samosa, Jeri, Pakora etc. on his small foul-wheeled cart near a cinema. It was some 15 years ago.

Even after more than a decade, I see him selling the same items in his same stained, dirty cart with same old, ragged clothes. The only change I saw is he’s not stationed near the cinema. He — a Madhesi descent — now roams around  pushing his cart all day perspiring.

He’s only an example.Those who crush pebbles at the banks of Mahesh Khola and Trishuli along the Prithvi Highway for a mere few rupees are destined to keep crushing rubbles for their lifetime. Porters are to lift loads for their lifetime. So are coolies to sweat in the sun, paupers to keep dying in poverty etc. No change. Not a slightest improvement at all.

It is touted that Nepali society has undergone big changes over the decades. Why those ‘big changes’ failed to deliver? Politics is fucked up. And, leaders ‘cracked up’. Those were only political and social changes and they failed to deliver economical prosperity to the strapped population. Economical structure of our society is still the same as it was hundred years ago. Without a real economical change, no such ‘big’ political and social changes can deliver. Enough of political movements, we now need a revolution in economical front.

I recall a short story I read in grade 7 with a title ‘Money Attracts Money‘ where a poor boy Dhruba inadvertently drops his only bill of 1 Re. into a moneybox while trying to steal from the box.


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