The Best Sitcom

The era of melodramatic and boy-meets-girl sort of TV serials seems to be gone. Now, situation comedies lead the idiot box. They’re quick and astute to reflect the mood of society and thus becoming popular.

Among them, I think Jire Khursani (जीरे खुर्सानी) stands out as the best. With the legions of senior and experienced actors such as: Shivahari Paudyal, Kiran KC, Sabita Gurung, Rajaram Paudel and talented, young man Jitu Nepal, Jire Khursani is the only sitcom to present its actors in their best. They all act so perfectly that the sitcom looks so real and live and that’s the best part of it.

Jire Khursani is also good at the skillful use of phrases and idioms.

Actually, I don’t like Jitu Nepal’s acting much but I praise him for his innovative concepts as the co-director of the sitcom.

Hat off to the great team of Jire Khursani.

              (Picture source: elsewhere on the web)

Blockbuster Friends and Two and a Half-Man (starring Charlie Sheen) are some of the foreign sitcoms I watch.

I place Meri Bassai (मेरी बास्सै), another popular sitcom, at no. 2. The sitcom’s bucolic portrayal epitomizes the Nepali countryside. And, it deserves accolades for giving the true picture of countryside in a very beautiful way. Despite new faces in its lead roles, it is one of the few best comedic series. Characters are live. But, I don’t like Shurbir Pundit much. Once and still a sole hero of countless radio dramas, his indulgence in visual world has not reaped as much fame as in the radio.

And, Tito Satya (तीतो सत्य) and so on…


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