Why Nepali Congress Can’t be Saved From its Doom?

Emergence of UML in ’50s proved to be quite a conundrum for Nepali Congress. And, the upsurge of Maoists during and after their decade-long insurrection was more than just a kiss of death for the old party, which was loosing supports from all around because of its inept governance and corruption. It would be no exaggeration (and aggravation?) to say that NC’s final days have since been counted.

Rise of Maoists gave people a ‘respite’ and choice from rubbish NC and UML. Once a leviathan, NC has now reduced to a tiny faction if compared to Maoists. UML’s case is no different too.

Where Congress is heading with an old, senile, septuagenarian at its helm? Yes, towards its doom. But, this time more rapidly than before. Sher Bahadur Deuba also was no good. But, Congressmen could still have enjoyed some longer moments before finally being consumed by the death were there a young leadership other than Sushil Koirala at their helm.

Koirala can’t even enunciate words properly. He slurs. Deuba is not any good either. Congressmen must have been ashamed when they heard their top leaders Koirala and Deuba give poor speech at inauguration ceremony of their 12th national convention. Even I, one who just hates NC, felt ashamed while hearing them. Despite their evil acts, they’re nonetheless top leaders and they represent our country. But, when they show their ineptitude even in speech (let’s not talk about their deeds), it surely embarrasses us.

Giving speech in our own language should have been no difficult for any Nepalese. Moreover, they were ‘top leaders’ already walking a long distance to reach to their current positions. So poor their performance was. I doubt, are they even literate, let alone educated? Even a lower secondary boy can use better language than theirs. What foreign guests might have thought as to the poor performance of NC leaders in stage? Except for NC leaders, all other guests delivered quite a good speech. Ramchandra Paudel was the only congressman to do good in his speech.

Yet again, communists are unparalleled in oratory. Prachanda delivered the best speech.

Election of Koirala was no surprise at all. Even a dog would have won the election if it was from Koirala family (dynasty?).

With no vision and policy for uplift of working class, NC is already serving elites and the bourgeoisie. It is to die someday, if not today. Nepal no longer needs NC. Let it die. Let the burden go.


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