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Great ‘Janata’

Traditional norms, values and practices are either already superseded by more liberal, modern and open approaches or in the line. It is said, older generation has lost its influence, power over burgeoning newer generation thus contributing for old practices to disappear. Even, it is alleged that, culturally, religiously or socially still relevant and important centuries-long traditions are at risk at the hands of younger ‘digital generation’.  Not only in cities, even in small towns, villages and countryside, long practiced important traditions, be they cultural, social, religious etc. are about to extinct thanks to burgeoning ‘bad’ young generation. 

But, wait! Things have not gotten worse to the extent as is often thought. Our rich, old traditions are still alive and functioning.  Yes, they are. And, the credit for conserving those heritages goes to none other than today’s young generation. Yes, they are the ones upon who the future of the country rests if to repeat the ‘cliché’ yet again.

Tika-Jamara and swings (Linge or Rote) are staples of Dashain. It was often thought that swings were becoming obsolete in the greatest festival of Nepalese. But, this Dashain, I found a very different picture. Roped swings were hung in most places and the sight was common. Even at the heart of bustling Lakeside, Pokhara, there were both roped and wooden-made (Rote) swings especially installed for Dashain and upcoming Tihar and people were crowding to play on it as it is said one should relieve the mother earth of their load by being on a swing once in a year. I later knew, it was an effort of a local youth club.

The sights of swings (mostly roped ones) was common throughout along the Prithvi Highway, too. And, no doubt, those efforts were mostly from young men.

Rote Ping 

                  A ‘Rote Ping’ at Deurali, Gorkha, seen at Dashain.

People seem to be unaffected by the ordeals such as price-hike, insecurity, government incapacity etc. when it is about working for their culture, when it is about preserving heritages. Even in adversity and desolation, they are working.  Eventhough the onus of promoting and preserving cultures lies on the government, its apathy and zero attention is nothing unusual in our country. Even without help and support from the government, people are working on their own for the uplift of their culture. Its great. They are great. Hat off to them!

Until a few years ago, such sight was not that common, but in most recent years, such sight is common. It seems, the younger generation has finally understood the values of such traditions. After working for years in foreign countries as being humiliated, low-paid and snubbed, Nepali youths might have finally understood the value of their own homeland, their own rich traditions and practices. And, now they are working to preserve them.

It is great. Nepal could be far better off with this young ‘Nokia generation’ than with the old, conceited ‘Dev Anand era’ one.


Welcome Back…

…and I’ve ‘immigrated’ here, on WordPress.

A new place. A new experience. But, I quickly loved it. WLS was great. WordPress, as I found, is greater!

Deciding on the address link was sweat-some. I liked ”backstreetboy” but it was already taken so not really ready to give up the term I loved, I then decided on slightly ‘customized’ version i.e. backstreeetboy (note triple ‘e’). I know people could mistake the triple ‘e’ as standard double.

I even asked her to sugget a good address. She also nodded for ‘backstreeetboy’.


Dashain is over. Tihar is looming. And, the harsh winter is spreading its wing. Why does winter arrive? I hate the winter.

I’ve Moved to WordPress. Goodbye WLS…

Now, It’s time to move onto WordPress. Blogging service on Windows Live Spaces (WLS) is to be closed by January, 2011. And, Windows Live Spaces (WLS) will be shut down entirely by March, 2011 as is told in the notification.

Goodbye WLS.

WordPress is now my new home. I’ve ‘immigrated’ there. I hope I will enjoy as fervently the new ‘friend’ as WLS. Folks, we’ll see on WordPress. 

I Was ‘Reminded’ to Believe on God

I was returning home from somewhere (I can’t remember now). As I approached my home, near the backyard, not more than 50 metres from home, I found an elderly neighbour in a horrifying look. His head was rolling and bouncing on the ground and it was staring at me with a slight tinge of ‘cold’ grin. The sight instantly scared the living daylights out of me (Oh my god, I still feel the chill while writing this). I know not whether I cried or couldn’t but I know I then felt fettered. I was like being strangled, gagged. Felt immense pain. I only could see that elderly man’s (who I call grandfather and we’re close neighbors) bouncing head and was only getting more numb.

I was all but frozen in pain. Limbs were still. And, suddenly, I don’t know how I came to mutter a religious prayer: ”ओम् नम: शिवाय”. The more times I muttered the prayer, the less I felt the pain. I found my pain lessened every time I murmured it. And, after approx. 10 times of the grunt, I found myself free of the pain and that demonic skull. I then made a shriek. And, my mother came. That demonic skull was now disappeared and I found that elderly man standing at some metres’ distance, looking spooky.

I was still shuddering, though. The fear had not yet damped down.

I was through this horrific dream just some days ago. And, I was really thinking to write down the experience as it was so damn weird. Wasn’t it?

How I came to mutter that line and how it reduced my pain and eventually rescued me from the worst, it all was so damn weird even though it was ‘just a dream’. I’m still wondering what was all that for? Did it bode for something?

Or, it was a godly ‘warning’?

I have become quite an atheist these days. Until some years ago, I was more an agnostic than atheist but as I grew older, with time, faith over religion and Gods gradually melted away. It was usual, too. I became more materialist. I long ago stopped visiting temples, taking part in religious celebrations and worshiping gods.

But this above narrated dreamy phenomenon has brought me some bizarre feelings which I feel I just can’t always be negligent to. Was I wrong to pass the God and godly things over? I remember Lord Ram but more as a moral figure, not actually as god. Did that dream warn me to not sweep aside the spiritual belief? Was I reminded to believe on diving things with that eerie dream? If my disbelief on God is the reason of the series of spooky dreams I’m being through…

I’m just feeling weird after that night. The power of that line (ओम् नम: शिवाय) that ‘healed’ me, it was all so damn freakish.

Death of the Great Honour

Alfred Nobel‘s departed soul must have regretted for establishing Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Committee’s decision to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to a Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has only stoked up the controversy over the credibility of the prize. It has become more evident that the prize is being used as a political tool by the West to impose its ideology upon the rests of the world. I’m not being pro-Chinese establishment — yes, they probably have committed mistakes and abuses — but, it is a downright crime of the West to export its ideology under the veil of NPP. 

The most recent reason for desecration of NPP is when Barack Obama was awarded the prize last year. It was told he was awarded for his promises for world peace. I found many Americans disagreed with their president’s selection as the winner of the greatest honour on Earth on various sites and blogs. They think he didn’t ‘win’ it, he was ‘given’ it by a bunch of Norwegian sycophants for his empty promises which were never to be meet.

Liu himself is very little known in his own country. And, as AP reports, Chinese people at large have taken the decision of bestowing him with NPP as an ‘invasion’ by the white foreigners in an attempt ‘to split and disrupt the unified China’.

It was the same Nobel Peace Committee that in 1989 gave Dalai Lama, another Chinese dissident, the prize and it was one of the biggest jokes ever happened on Earth.

To promote so called ‘democracy’ and ‘human right’ in China, those white scumbags needn’t export their ideology in the form of prize or something other, for Chinese people themselves are capable to decide their fate, to fight for their rights, to choose which system they like to be in. And, it is evident that they are largely content with the Communist government which has already made China 2nd largest economy in the world. Not to mention its growing global might on other fronts.

America doesn’t have any moral ground to advocate democracy and human right in other countries as it still metes out death penalty. Racial segregation is rampant there. Blacks and Hispanics are treated unfairly.  Racial and religious (Muslims are often victimized) segregation is no where more severe than in the West.

May be those white fleabags were envious of China’s growing might and wanted to subvert it, disrupt it with any means…

Actually, NPP has not been awarded to date to those who rightfully deserved it except in some cases. It is already losing its reputation and has been reduced to such an extent that people don’t even think it ‘coveted’.

Insult to the noble wish of Alfred Nobel should be stopped. NPP has no place in the hearts and minds of people who live for noble cause.

Quote of the Day: Gandhi Was Far Above the Nobel Prize

As the moment of announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner is nearing, I found some of the comments on website of Foreign Policy well put and thought-provoking as to why Nobel Peace Committee did inadvertently a ‘good job’ by failing to award Gandhi the prize (no longer most honoured and coveted as it has never been awarded to those who rightfully deserved it):

"I like to think about it this way — Gandhi was such a peace-loving and
noble person that he was actually above the Nobel prize. So, Nobel
committee’s recognition was not even necessary to prove how much this saint positively contributed to the humanity…"

Uzbekpolicy, a user from the site.

Another comment from another user Ramanov”…That’s to put it as bluntly as possible: the prize would have reduced
the legend to a mere winner of the prize. If I ever dream of winning
anything, it would be the Gandhi Prize, not mere Nobel Prize! Maybe someone with the right
powers should lobby for this.”

It is said that chances are high for U2 frontman Bono and a Chinese dissident to win the prize for this year. If Liu Xiaobo is awarded the prize, it would be yet another act of subversion, disrespect and biased decision from the West to Chinese people and the prosperity they are pursuing with their communist system which has proven better than those fucked up, so called democracies in the West.

A plain comment from Opexwellson on Yahoo! News on Liu Xiaobo: ”What kind of peace has this dude ever done to the world to receive this
prize? He is merely a dissident to the chinese gov for something with
different opinion. I am wondering if I would be nominated to receive
this prize if I am a dissident to against the U.S gov for the invasion
of the Iraq and Afganistan.”

We just can’t expect any good from those white scumbags. Nobel Peace Prize is more a political tool orchestrated by white men than an honest effort.

But, I would love if Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is awarded the prize.

My Music List

I waited for ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘ so long to release either on R5 or DVD Rip. And, finally, just some days ago, it got released both on TC and DVD Rip after more than 5 months of it’s theatrical release. Animations have always been a cash cow in movie industry.

Even the name alone of our loved ones delights us. I block ads on websites with ‘Ad Muncher’ and I’ve configured the application in such a way that there appears her name instead of blocked empty spaces. Ain’t it great? D

Someone, who hates Rap and Hip-Hop and thinks they’re not for ‘good’ people, was trying to belittle me as I told them I was an avid listener of Snoop Dogg, Akon, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne etc.

I’m compiling my music list after ‘eons’. And, my most recent music list goes here:

1.  Strawberry Letter (Stadium Music)         Akon feat. Quincy Jones

2. On Melancholy Hill                                          Gorillaz

3   Bad Romance                                                     Lady Gaga

4. Teflon Don                                                           Rick Ross

5. Forever                                                                 Drake feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem  etc.