The Best Friend and the Happiest Man

My nondescript Nokia is more a ‘mobile set’ than smartphone. And, it’s been my best friend, lately. I know, I never loved it this much before. And, yes, she’s the reason behind why I’m big on the some 5-years old gadget.

I feel I’m the happiest (and also luckiest) man in the world. Yes, she’s with me…

I suppose, she has finally returned.

Mobile is the most intimate thing a man carries leaving behind the old days of watch. Until mobile, wrist watch was supposedly the only gadget men were expected to carry/wear.

Greatest festival Dashain is nearing. As ever, this time too, blood-thirsty Dashain will see tens of thousands of innocent animals slaughtered ruthlessly. The grisly celebration will engulf the entire nation for days. But, it is a good news that nascent campaigns such as in the form of rallies etc. have launched in recent years to protest animal sacrifices. 

Windows Live Space is moving to WordPress. It is said that users will have to either delete the space or move to WordPress. Dunno, but perhaps maintaining and managing WLS might have become irrelevant and obsolete in the era of rising Facebook and Twitter cult.

So, I’m immigrating to WordPress. Surely, WordPress provides richer blogging experience than WLS as it is one of the world’s few leading blog service providers.


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