What Was It?

Dreams are more enigmatic and less frightening.

But, it was more frightening and less enigmatic last night and I was chilled to the bone.

People were reveling on music and food at a large ceremony. It was actually a religious celebration. I, with an elderly relative, left the place for a stroll nearby a wilderness . After a walk of some hundred meters, before we could enter the wood, the elder cautioned he saw ‘something’ moving at a distance of few hundred yards. Overwhelmed with apprehension of the danger, we retreated and ran for life. As we stopped after a sprint and looked back, we saw a large, ugly creature leaping towards us. It was so scary and large in size that we froze in downright dread. Petrified, we couldn’t even budge nor mutter a word.

The giant beast was approaching us and we didn’t have any arms or other means to defend ourselves.

The beast was now only a few yards away.

Suddenly, we found ourselves equipped with a long, heavy, spiky wooden pole. We then managed to fend off the creature by shoving the pole into it’s mouth as it was about to jump on us. We acted all of a sudden and impulsively and yes, we made it.

I’m wondering what the beast was. How I came to encounter a creature which I’ve never seen or have no slightest of idea of?

Dunno, where that wooden pole came from and how we petrified two managed to fight off the beast. Was it a divine providence or a mere dreamy play? But, we were granted our lives for yet another chance.

Whenever we find our lives at stake in dreams, such as in just told incident, we are always provided with means to fend for ourselves. It is great. I wonder, why we never see ourselves being killed in dreams? Why we are always protected in the end? What’s the reason behind it? Etc…

Even Freud has not had answer.

I even told this to my elder brother and he was cold on his response.

I love cats, be they big or small. And, in one of those dreams last night, I saw myself working on a makeshift stall-like structure where I was supposed to keep a leopard and it’s baby which I found lurking in backyard of a dilapidated barn so as to not let them escape. They were after goats and I had somehow lured them into that improvised, rickety stall.

It was another thing that my act of caging those cats was against my own belief that animals should not be kept captive. May be I wanted to take care of them and didn’t want them to escape. It was weird anyway.  


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