Death of the Great Honour

Alfred Nobel‘s departed soul must have regretted for establishing Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Committee’s decision to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to a Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has only stoked up the controversy over the credibility of the prize. It has become more evident that the prize is being used as a political tool by the West to impose its ideology upon the rests of the world. I’m not being pro-Chinese establishment — yes, they probably have committed mistakes and abuses — but, it is a downright crime of the West to export its ideology under the veil of NPP. 

The most recent reason for desecration of NPP is when Barack Obama was awarded the prize last year. It was told he was awarded for his promises for world peace. I found many Americans disagreed with their president’s selection as the winner of the greatest honour on Earth on various sites and blogs. They think he didn’t ‘win’ it, he was ‘given’ it by a bunch of Norwegian sycophants for his empty promises which were never to be meet.

Liu himself is very little known in his own country. And, as AP reports, Chinese people at large have taken the decision of bestowing him with NPP as an ‘invasion’ by the white foreigners in an attempt ‘to split and disrupt the unified China’.

It was the same Nobel Peace Committee that in 1989 gave Dalai Lama, another Chinese dissident, the prize and it was one of the biggest jokes ever happened on Earth.

To promote so called ‘democracy’ and ‘human right’ in China, those white scumbags needn’t export their ideology in the form of prize or something other, for Chinese people themselves are capable to decide their fate, to fight for their rights, to choose which system they like to be in. And, it is evident that they are largely content with the Communist government which has already made China 2nd largest economy in the world. Not to mention its growing global might on other fronts.

America doesn’t have any moral ground to advocate democracy and human right in other countries as it still metes out death penalty. Racial segregation is rampant there. Blacks and Hispanics are treated unfairly.  Racial and religious (Muslims are often victimized) segregation is no where more severe than in the West.

May be those white fleabags were envious of China’s growing might and wanted to subvert it, disrupt it with any means…

Actually, NPP has not been awarded to date to those who rightfully deserved it except in some cases. It is already losing its reputation and has been reduced to such an extent that people don’t even think it ‘coveted’.

Insult to the noble wish of Alfred Nobel should be stopped. NPP has no place in the hearts and minds of people who live for noble cause.


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