Quote of the Day: Gandhi Was Far Above the Nobel Prize

As the moment of announcement of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner is nearing, I found some of the comments on website of Foreign Policy well put and thought-provoking as to why Nobel Peace Committee did inadvertently a ‘good job’ by failing to award Gandhi the prize (no longer most honoured and coveted as it has never been awarded to those who rightfully deserved it):

"I like to think about it this way — Gandhi was such a peace-loving and
noble person that he was actually above the Nobel prize. So, Nobel
committee’s recognition was not even necessary to prove how much this saint positively contributed to the humanity…"

Uzbekpolicy, a user from the site.

Another comment from another user Ramanov”…That’s to put it as bluntly as possible: the prize would have reduced
the legend to a mere winner of the prize. If I ever dream of winning
anything, it would be the Gandhi Prize, not mere Nobel Prize! Maybe someone with the right
powers should lobby for this.”

It is said that chances are high for U2 frontman Bono and a Chinese dissident to win the prize for this year. If Liu Xiaobo is awarded the prize, it would be yet another act of subversion, disrespect and biased decision from the West to Chinese people and the prosperity they are pursuing with their communist system which has proven better than those fucked up, so called democracies in the West.

A plain comment from Opexwellson on Yahoo! News on Liu Xiaobo: ”What kind of peace has this dude ever done to the world to receive this
prize? He is merely a dissident to the chinese gov for something with
different opinion. I am wondering if I would be nominated to receive
this prize if I am a dissident to against the U.S gov for the invasion
of the Iraq and Afganistan.”

We just can’t expect any good from those white scumbags. Nobel Peace Prize is more a political tool orchestrated by white men than an honest effort.

But, I would love if Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is awarded the prize.


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