I Was ‘Reminded’ to Believe on God

I was returning home from somewhere (I can’t remember now). As I approached my home, near the backyard, not more than 50 metres from home, I found an elderly neighbour in a horrifying look. His head was rolling and bouncing on the ground and it was staring at me with a slight tinge of ‘cold’ grin. The sight instantly scared the living daylights out of me (Oh my god, I still feel the chill while writing this). I know not whether I cried or couldn’t but I know I then felt fettered. I was like being strangled, gagged. Felt immense pain. I only could see that elderly man’s (who I call grandfather and we’re close neighbors) bouncing head and was only getting more numb.

I was all but frozen in pain. Limbs were still. And, suddenly, I don’t know how I came to mutter a religious prayer: ”ओम् नम: शिवाय”. The more times I muttered the prayer, the less I felt the pain. I found my pain lessened every time I murmured it. And, after approx. 10 times of the grunt, I found myself free of the pain and that demonic skull. I then made a shriek. And, my mother came. That demonic skull was now disappeared and I found that elderly man standing at some metres’ distance, looking spooky.

I was still shuddering, though. The fear had not yet damped down.

I was through this horrific dream just some days ago. And, I was really thinking to write down the experience as it was so damn weird. Wasn’t it?

How I came to mutter that line and how it reduced my pain and eventually rescued me from the worst, it all was so damn weird even though it was ‘just a dream’. I’m still wondering what was all that for? Did it bode for something?

Or, it was a godly ‘warning’?

I have become quite an atheist these days. Until some years ago, I was more an agnostic than atheist but as I grew older, with time, faith over religion and Gods gradually melted away. It was usual, too. I became more materialist. I long ago stopped visiting temples, taking part in religious celebrations and worshiping gods.

But this above narrated dreamy phenomenon has brought me some bizarre feelings which I feel I just can’t always be negligent to. Was I wrong to pass the God and godly things over? I remember Lord Ram but more as a moral figure, not actually as god. Did that dream warn me to not sweep aside the spiritual belief? Was I reminded to believe on diving things with that eerie dream? If my disbelief on God is the reason of the series of spooky dreams I’m being through…

I’m just feeling weird after that night. The power of that line (ओम् नम: शिवाय) that ‘healed’ me, it was all so damn freakish.


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