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F*ck America

There is no south. There is no north. Korea is a single territory. But, American interest has prevented both Koreas from becoming one and has been fueling the tension in Korean peninsula since or before the Korean War in early 50s. Unification between the two Koreas is possible but villain America must leave the peninsula first. China doesn’t have a interest as cunning as of America in the peninsula as far as I think.

F*ck America. F*ck Yanks. You are the most despicable thing on Earth.



Blogging has been discontinuous lately. After coming here from Windows Live Space, I know, new posts are not being added regularly. It is not that I’ve discontinued or I lack subjects but actually I’m grappling with some problems and it’s already been weeks.

Dinesh dai has visited Palungtar on inaguration day of Maoists meeting. I’ve not. But I’m thinking to visit the site once. It has been said that Palungtar, a small village of historical importance in Gorkha, has become a spectacular site since Maoists decided to hold their CC plenary meeting there. Development works aimed for the meeting such as: road construction, water supply, communnication, electricity have transformed the village into a spectacular one-should-visit-once place, my bro told.

My only wish is Maoists will not transform into another UML.

Rests will be fine if that happens.  

I was sort of angered as she told she didn’t know ‘Anboo Khaireni’. I was like shocked and then told her off. It was a thing of gross shame, wasn’t it? As being a Nepali, she didn’t know one of the most famous towns in Nepal. She represents a generation in Kathmandu who just don’t know what’s beyond Thankot.

I regret her apathy over her own country and places.

A Big News After ‘Eons’

I first heard about Aung San Suu Kyi in my early teen. Media were abuzz with her detention and release news then in 90s and I came to know her internationally acclaimed struggle for democracy in Burma.  

Yesterday, she was released after more than 7 years in house arrest. And, the news was the biggest I heard in a while. As usually, Western nations are the forefront applauders of her release. But I do fear, isn’t Suu Kyi inadvertently being used in the name of struggle for democracy by the West to impose and extends its ideology and influence in Burma? Not because it doesn’t have democracy, but because Burma’s military government denies the West, Burma is often termed by white westerners as a ‘rogue’, ‘isolated’ state same as N. Korea, Iran, Cuba etc.

Suu Kyi should be cautious that she will not let the West use her and make Burma another western playground once she gets stronger.

Hat off to the great Burmese leader!

Someone Stop the Winter

Winter has arrived. Cold, dark, gloomy and satanic. I want to run from it. Could someone stop the winter?

Nepali Jason Statham

Nepali Jason Statham? WTF, are you kidding, you might say.

My bro looks exactly as The Transporter hunk. He also is troubled with less cranium follicles like the brawny Hollywood actor. My bro might not have the physique as brawny and ripped as Statham’s, but he looks same as Statham when he is in fleece and has his hair trimmed short or shaved.

He laughs when I tell him he’s a Nepali Jason Statham.

[I couldn’t post his photo here without his consent.]