A Big News After ‘Eons’

I first heard about Aung San Suu Kyi in my early teen. Media were abuzz with her detention and release news then in 90s and I came to know her internationally acclaimed struggle for democracy in Burma.  

Yesterday, she was released after more than 7 years in house arrest. And, the news was the biggest I heard in a while. As usually, Western nations are the forefront applauders of her release. But I do fear, isn’t Suu Kyi inadvertently being used in the name of struggle for democracy by the West to impose and extends its ideology and influence in Burma? Not because it doesn’t have democracy, but because Burma’s military government denies the West, Burma is often termed by white westerners as a ‘rogue’, ‘isolated’ state same as N. Korea, Iran, Cuba etc.

Suu Kyi should be cautious that she will not let the West use her and make Burma another western playground once she gets stronger.

Hat off to the great Burmese leader!


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