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Very Tragic

I couldn’t help getting my eyes almost wet after reading  this news  some days ago on Kantipur daily.

A very very moving story. Found its link on Kantipur’s website and thought to add it to my blog too. 


Second Anniversary

It happened on 15th Dec., 2008.

It’s been only two years, but I feel it’s been several years. I feel it happened years ago, not just two. Wound is not fresh but also not healed.

Today, the second anniversary of the apocalypse.

Abuse of Power and the Motherf**kers

I was wondering why Prince Paras scandal was gaining unnecessary attention and hullabaloo.
Row over Prince Paras is more a prestigious issue of Sujata Koirala than public offense issue. In its (no ‘her’ for the filthy bitch) capacity as a ‘heir’ from Koirala dyanasty and deputy prime minister, the bitch is plainly abusing the power and also possibly serving the interest of India as there’s animosity between India and the royal family mainly after King Gyanendra assumed absolute power on 19 Magh, 2061.

It was well known that those motherf**ker foreigners i.e. the bitch’s so called daughter and son-in-law and related others exaggerated the issue. They along with other Congressmen are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Prince’s aggression was usual as he was loaded and said his family and country were being attacked by that Bangaladeshi man.  Nonetheless, Prince Paras’ continuous antics have upset many and he deserves punishment. And, King Gyanendra should help investigate the case as a father knows more how to get his children right than the custody of police.

He should be warned for his relentless gaffes but not at the behest of power of Sujata Koirala or India.

India and other motherf**kers might have been grinning at the ‘success’ of its conspiracy to taint the royal family after the arrest of the prince.

And, those expecting the possible restoration of monarchy must have been disappointed by this scandal as it might help fuel more anti-monarchy attitudes.

But, yes, monarchists can downplay the scandal and convince public more on abuse of state power by Sujata and congressmen so people could  know another side of a coin.

Osho: A Man in Billions

I’m lately on recent albums by Kanye West (My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy), Lil Wayne (I’m Not a Human Being), Linkin Park (A Thousand Suns), Rick Ross (Teflon Don and Deeper Than the Rap) etc. and a book of a collection of teachings ‘सम्भोगदेखि समाधितिर’ (नेपाली अनुवाद) by Osho.

They all are damn good. LP has yet again worked out another epic album. I can’t help nodding off as I listen them with a pair of satellite speakers placed just in front and quite near.

And, the teachings by Osho is just awesome. One should read it once, I think. His ultra-liberal approach to and revolutionary interpretation of sex is just magnificent. Truly, he transcends God in his teachings. An incredibly enlightened human being, he was.

PS I called him ‘A Man in Billions’ because, truly he is the only man to present such revolutionary ideas about sex, love and other things that the society had long denied or kept as taboos in a very easy and ‘beautiful’ way with no tinge of extremity.

We’re With You, Assange!

Millions loved what he did to deface butcher America. But, he is now warranted. One should recognize his freedom and right of expression. So called ‘democratic’ West is now acting against his fundamental rights by calling for his arrest on a false allegation. This is a shame.

Let’s call for his safety and respect to his rights.

PS I voted Assange for Time Person of Year 2010.

I Love You Dipak!

Nepal would have returned home empty-handed in shame from China were Dipak Maharjan not in the squad. A young man from Bosigaau, somewhere on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley, with peasantry background, won only medal for Nepal in boxing against Thai competitor in 16th Asian games.

Despite hailing from a simple peasant family, what he achieved in China will always be remembered not only by sportsmen or those connected with sports but by all Nepalis. He is a hero of all us. He is a hero of Nepal.


(Picture was searched and found on

Hat off to this great athlete. His contribution to his country is just beyond any highest honour a country can give to its citizen.

Hope, authorities will this time realize his contribution and heed more to the uplift of Nepali sports and other aspiring talents.

I love you Dipak! You’re my hero. You secured our country’s pride abroad and at home too.