Osho: A Man in Billions

I’m lately on recent albums by Kanye West (My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy), Lil Wayne (I’m Not a Human Being), Linkin Park (A Thousand Suns), Rick Ross (Teflon Don and Deeper Than the Rap) etc. and a book of a collection of teachings ‘सम्भोगदेखि समाधितिर’ (नेपाली अनुवाद) by Osho.

They all are damn good. LP has yet again worked out another epic album. I can’t help nodding off as I listen them with a pair of satellite speakers placed just in front and quite near.

And, the teachings by Osho is just awesome. One should read it once, I think. His ultra-liberal approach to and revolutionary interpretation of sex is just magnificent. Truly, he transcends God in his teachings. An incredibly enlightened human being, he was.

PS I called him ‘A Man in Billions’ because, truly he is the only man to present such revolutionary ideas about sex, love and other things that the society had long denied or kept as taboos in a very easy and ‘beautiful’ way with no tinge of extremity.


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