Abuse of Power and the Motherf**kers

I was wondering why Prince Paras scandal was gaining unnecessary attention and hullabaloo.
Row over Prince Paras is more a prestigious issue of Sujata Koirala than public offense issue. In its (no ‘her’ for the filthy bitch) capacity as a ‘heir’ from Koirala dyanasty and deputy prime minister, the bitch is plainly abusing the power and also possibly serving the interest of India as there’s animosity between India and the royal family mainly after King Gyanendra assumed absolute power on 19 Magh, 2061.

It was well known that those motherf**ker foreigners i.e. the bitch’s so called daughter and son-in-law and related others exaggerated the issue. They along with other Congressmen are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Prince’s aggression was usual as he was loaded and said his family and country were being attacked by that Bangaladeshi man.  Nonetheless, Prince Paras’ continuous antics have upset many and he deserves punishment. And, King Gyanendra should help investigate the case as a father knows more how to get his children right than the custody of police.

He should be warned for his relentless gaffes but not at the behest of power of Sujata Koirala or India.

India and other motherf**kers might have been grinning at the ‘success’ of its conspiracy to taint the royal family after the arrest of the prince.

And, those expecting the possible restoration of monarchy must have been disappointed by this scandal as it might help fuel more anti-monarchy attitudes.

But, yes, monarchists can downplay the scandal and convince public more on abuse of state power by Sujata and congressmen so people could  know another side of a coin.


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