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Divinity of Her

Her closeness is so divine that I experience heavenly exaltation. I find myself in high spirits as I get her nearer no matter how much down I’m before!


Possible Assasination of Bhattarai

And, Prachanda handed over the command of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to the caretaker government.

Baburam Bhattarai protested the decision. The decision biggest yet made in some 4-years long peace process was not consulted in the party before it was sealed with caretaker PM MKN some days ago.

It is said, Prachanda is bartering the fate of PLA, one of the most important entities of Maoist, for prime ministerial post.

Dismantling, assimilation or elimination of PLA cannot be a sole condition for completion of the ongoing peace process. There are a lot of other things to get done. Not only Maoist, other involving parties of peace process should also be committed to their responsibilities. PLA should not be victimized in haste before getting other important things worked out as there’s no guarantee of peace process to come to a happy end. Who knows, Prachanda could easily be tricked into giving up Maoist’s most powerful institution by showing him a carrot of prime minister post by the old reactionary forces.

I now hate Prachanda. Actually, his gross incompetence as prime minster in those 9 months had greatly disappointed me. A recent Kantipur daily poll showed how unpopular he had become in recent days: He was unpopular more than NC‘s Ramchandra Poudel. Prachanda is not good enough to be a prime minister or president again. Leading the People’s War for 12 years was another thing. But now, he just lacks any good character so that he could be accepted either as a prime minister or president. The fall of Prachanda is already being felt and it is underway.

Seeing Prachanda, his autocratic style of doing works and Baburam Bhattarai’s dissent, I remember the history of Soviet Union where there was going the same between Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Stalin’s autocratic and bureaucratic style of rule as a leader of Soviet Union and general secretary of CPSU had left the prominent figure Trotsky struggling for his ideology and later for life too. Trotsky and his dissenting thoughts were  suppressed ruthlessly. Eventually, he was killed while in exile in Mexico by the henchmen of Stalin.

Prachanda: Reincarnation of Stalin and Baburam Bhattarai: Reincarnation of Trotsky. What do you think?

History is repeating here? Prachanda is acting as Stalin; and Bhattarai, as Trotsky, is struggling for his dissenting thoughts. But, time is different now than that of Soviet Union era. People don’t like Prachanda much but hugely love Bhattarai and his dissent is widely respected too. But, it is an internal matter of Maoist and Prachanda will still keep having a big hand over his party affairs and I now really worry for Baburam Bhattarai’s life. Yes, I’m alluding to a possible assassination of Bhattarai. Moreover, Bhattarai and his immense popularity in and out the party have posed a real challenge to the chairmanship of Prachanda. Assassinations of King Birendra, prominent leader Madan Bhandari etc. are some examples as to why good leaders’ lives are always at stake here.

Baburam Bhattarai is a leader we Nepalis are blessed to have. If we want to make our country go ahead, then there’s no alternative of Bhattarai now. Let’s stand by his side and make him prime minister and see how changes take place within sometime!

PS Matrika Yadav and Baburam Bhattarai are by far the best leaders that can truly bring a real change.

Slapping a Scumbag

He along with other political scumbags actually deserve a punishment harsher than just a ‘slap’.

Even though he’s also Khanal and all Khanals has been expecting Jhalanath to be a prime minister, I can in no way be sympathetic to him as that was what he had ‘rightfully’ deserved.

Deviprasad Regmi, as being a senior, respected citizen, certainly made a real gaffe but he couldn’t have opted for another way to vent his anger and frustration on the political scumbags.

Whatever he did could either be termed as his deliberate act sprung from his clear conscience or a show of utter insanity of an insane mind, but his so called gaffe has earned him an overnight fame. He’s a hero of all us who are, to date, yoked under those scumbags’ maladministration and all other evildoing.

Hats off to this gutsy bloke!

And, his safety and lawful treatment in the detention should be guaranteed.

PS But yet I would have loved more if the slap was for KP Oli. 😀

Nepalis are Motherf**kers

Nepalis are motherf**kers. They just don’t have manner.