Slapping a Scumbag

He along with other political scumbags actually deserve a punishment harsher than just a ‘slap’.

Even though he’s also Khanal and all Khanals has been expecting Jhalanath to be a prime minister, I can in no way be sympathetic to him as that was what he had ‘rightfully’ deserved.

Deviprasad Regmi, as being a senior, respected citizen, certainly made a real gaffe but he couldn’t have opted for another way to vent his anger and frustration on the political scumbags.

Whatever he did could either be termed as his deliberate act sprung from his clear conscience or a show of utter insanity of an insane mind, but his so called gaffe has earned him an overnight fame. He’s a hero of all us who are, to date, yoked under those scumbags’ maladministration and all other evildoing.

Hats off to this gutsy bloke!

And, his safety and lawful treatment in the detention should be guaranteed.

PS But yet I would have loved more if the slap was for KP Oli. 😀


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